Al Sharpton is a racist hypocrite

Lee Stranahan, the Progressive journalist employed by Andrew Breitbart has another excellent piece. This time he highlights a rape case in Florida. You have probably never heard of the case. The victim and her son are black and the rapists are black. Rather than give you the more horrific details of the rape itself, I suggest that you read the article.

However, it is not the rape that I want to highlight, but the action of both the NAACP and Al Sharpton after the fact, and in support of the rapists, not the victims. The NAACP could not give two hoots for the victims ( a young woman and her son who was blinded by the rapists). Al Sharpton could not care less that the victims were black. Oh no siree, the (Rev?) Al Sharpton went down to Florida to complain that the black rapists were refused bail, whilst the white rapists in another case were allowed out on bail. (maybe it is because the rapists in the other case did not steal the victim’s car, or try to set the victim and son alight in the bath).

Clearly Al Sharpton, who is an influence upon Østupid is not only a racist but he is hypocritical. He will appear and make accusations when it suits him, but he clearly does not support the victims of rape. Please read the whole story.

Kudos have to go to Lee Stranahan for bringing this case to our attention, especially the hypocritical reaction of both the NAACP and Al Sharpton.


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