Jared Loughner not fit to stand trial

Just saw this news report in the Sydney Morning Herald, that a Federal judge has ruled that Loughner is not fit to stand trial for the murder of the 6 people who were killed, including Judge John Roll, as well as the little girl and Gabrielle’s aide. (I had neglected to report on the Pope taking time to talk to the crew of the space station and the Endeavour including Gabrielle’s husband. The Pope had passed on his condolences to the Italian astronaut whose mother had passed away whilst he was in the space station, as well as offering up prayers and good wishes for Gabrielle’s recovery ).

The outburst in the courtroom probably helped the judge to come to that conclusion, but Loughner had been examined by two psychiatrists who determined that he suffers from schizophrenia, and delusions. There is no surprise over their diagnosis. I do wonder whether they also took into account the type of drugs that he had been ingesting prior to the rampage. I have no doubt that his consumption of those drugs have contributed significantly to his paranoia and to his schizophrenia.



5 responses to “Jared Loughner not fit to stand trial

  1. Why is this guy still prowling the planet? He was sane enough to plot murder and carry it out, wasn’t he?

    I say let’s introduce him to Mr. Sparky and be done with him. This guy is a boil on the butt of society and needs to be removed; the sooner, the better.


  2. Cabby - AZ

    Hi, SueK,
    The problem now is that he has been transferred to a mental facility and will be tested every four months to see if he has become fit to stand trial. According to what I heard today this will continue every four months ad infinitum. Can’t we just imagine where this is going? Nowhere, imho.

    How do we really know that those who tested him are on the up and up? This could all be a charade. He has NOT been declared insane, just not capable of understanding the charges against him, etc., at least that is what I heard.


  3. Cabby, he did a great job in front of the judge to convince the judge that he was not fit enough to face trial.
    However, the schizophrenia diagnosis from the two shrinks is correct 😦


  4. Cabby - AZ

    Aussie, and isn’t it a tragedy that some were warned earlier that he had problems? I can’t recall now whether it was classes that he had attended, or what. It seems that seldom do folks take these abnormalities seriously until it is too late.


  5. Cabby, correct, it was at his college. He got kicked out because of those problems. The local cops as in Stupidnic did nothing.