The Paul Ryan edition – latest name being pushed

The Cocktail Party must be getting desperate. Every few days a new name is being pushed at HotAir. The latest name is Paul Ryan.

As you would be aware the Republican Jane Corwin lost the election for NY-26. The Dhimmicrats are claiming that this was a victory based upon people not being happy with the Medicare proposals. That might or might not be true because NY-26 had a Democrat in Tea Party clothing as a candidate. This meant that the alleged Tea Party candidate drew voters away from Jane Corwin.

However, the reaction seems to be that Paul Ryan needs to run so that he can explain his budget to the population. It seems to me that this is a very poor reason to try and push someone who is not ready for the responsibility of being POTUS into the limelight.

If you know anything about Paul Ryan please chime in with the details. I am of the opinion that Ryan would not be the right person to be the Republican candidate.


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