The DNC watches Fox and Friends…. and discovers Herman Cain

I just spotted this item at the Daily Caller. Up until now the DNC has been ignoring Herman Cain and have been attacking the boring Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman (the real non-starters in the Presidential race). However, Herman Cain turned up on Fox and Friends supporting Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan. The attacks are now starting. I guess they discovered Herman Cain.

5 responses to “The DNC watches Fox and Friends…. and discovers Herman Cain

  1. Everybody’s favorite Rev Dr JDM opines on Herman Cain:


  2. Cabby - AZ

    Having listened to Dr. JDM’s opinion of Herman Cain, I am not at all favorably impressed .
    Nobody has asked for a critique, but the progression of his speech from gentle to extremely heated, along with the way he pounded his points was very telling, at least to me, considering what he had to say.

    The emphasis he placed on his own disregard for skin color was in sharp contrast to the racism which he seems to attribute to most of the rest of Americans. He feels that no black person will ever be elected to succeed another one. That may or may not be true, but what makes him feel that he is so pristine when it comes to color and the rest of us are not?

    Most of all, however, it was shocking to hear him say that he could never support Cain because Cain will not raise the eligibility issue. He also accuses Cain as being part of the “conspiracy.” Most of us DO know that there is a conspiracy among the courts, Congress, and the media to not allow the eligibility question to see the light of day; however, if that is the issue that will determine Dr. Manning’s support of a candidate, then tell me what one other candidate WILL meet his criteria? None of them has really addressed that issue with any substance and none will.

    The worst statement of all was when Dr. Manning passionately preached that IT WOULD BE BETTER TO KEEP OBAMA IN OFFICE than to replace him with someone who won’t get into all of the hidden records, etc., of Obama.

    The above just blows me away! What has motivated him to speak out in this way? I just hope his followers don’t take him literally.


  3. Thanks for giving more information, it will save me having to list to Manning.
    I am of the view that it is now time to drop the issue and to concentrate on the fraud and acts of treason.
    I keep telling you that there is something that is overlooked in relation to campaign funds that were raised in the Gaza strip. This is huge. People are ignorning its implications


  4. Sharon in VA

    I wanted to quickly write, first to agree with Aussie…….
    I am at the point where I think we should just “drop” the BC issue…if someone happens to bring it up….nothing I can do about that, and I would figure out that it will be what God intends to happen…and we will deal with the consequences, whatever they may be…, I wouldn’t try to shut anyone up….but I, personally, am about ready to let it go.
    I think agreeing with Carlyle at CW is what got me labeled as an Obot by the lunatic in attendance there…and is what I was talking about when I said that I didn’t LIKE what Carlyle said, but couldn’t argue with it and thought perhaps he was 100% right on. That being that the ramifications Worldwide of confirming that we have an “illegal” President, and we are allowing him to act as one, may be something that we wouldn’t want to face, and perhaps the reason that Congress etc is “covering it up.”..and no one would do anything about it.
    I believe that concentrating on the legitimacy of the LFBC etc….is somewhat distracting us from concentrating on some other impeachable issues that may allow us to get him out of office, without confirming to the World that we have allowed an Illegal pResident to start wars etc.
    As I said before, my answer to the new long form BC that has been issued is why the Heck did he wait until Terry Lakin was Court-martialed, and sent to Leavenworth before he released it?…..and how inexcusable and unforgivable that is to me.

    Okay, having said all that…my OTHER reason for writing is that I had a question pop into my head this morning and I wanted to throw it out there and see what you all thought.

    Let’s say Obama is out of office, whether by impeachment, losing the election etc….but, he is out of office, and we THEN prove that he was not eligible…..can we STILL go back and make his appointments, EO’S, Obamacare etc null and void? If SO, perhaps that is what Congress is waiting for….until we get another Administration in place…and THEN go after him on the eliligiblity issue.
    Any thoughts?


  5. I hope someone will give an answer that does not get swallowed up!!

    Welcome to a very exclusive club 🙂