what does the G8 know about Libya? Amazing turnaround by Russia over stance on Libya

I have just seen an amazing news report. As a result of the G8 conference Russia has changed its stance over Libya. Russia has joined with other European nations in demanding that Gadhafi goes from power.

Russia abstained from the UN vote that allowed NATO to start the no-fly zone action. Russia and China had been very vocal in their criticism of the NATO action claiming that NATO had gone beyond what was sanctioned by the UN resolution.

However, Russia has had a change of heart. This is the result of a discussion at the G8 conference… ah to be a fly on the wall.


The Guardian has some more detail on the G8 decision regarding Libya. Russia has decided that Gadhafi must go, which means there is a united front that did not exist before. It also means that Daffy Duck is being totally isolated.

However, this report goes a lot further and I think that it is quite interesting. Nations such as France have had continued contacts with unnamed individuals in Tripoli. They have had faxes and emails asking how they can “get out of this mess”. The answer remains the same: Gadhafi must go.

Sarkozy also highlighted the terms of the communique, saying: “There is unanimous support for this objective and the terms used against Gaddafi are particularly clear and hard and accepted by all the G8 countries including Russia.”

In unusually simple language for a G8 communique, the leaders of the industrialised west said: “Gaddafi and the Libyan government have failed to fulfil their responsibility to protect the Libyan population and have lost all legitimacy. He has no future in a free, democratic Libya. He must go.

“We welcome the work of the international criminal court in investigating crimes in Libya and note the chief prosecutor’s request on 16 May for three arrest warrants.” The Russians said they would send a delegation to Benghazi, but would not accept Gaddafi into exile.

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