Gobbledy Gook – oh my (good for a laugh)

How do some Brits view the speechs of Østupid? Well you need to read this article and then have a good laugh. It is an absolute classic of nothingness and gobbledy-gook. You need to read all three questions and read the answers to the questions.

6 responses to “Gobbledy Gook – oh my (good for a laugh)

  1. Aussie,
    I so needed a good laugh today! Thank you.


  2. @SueQ I thought it was a delightful piece of nothing :). It really pointed to the fact that most of what comes out of the mouth of Østupid is nothing more than gobbledy-gook 🙂


  3. I agree. And like one commenter, I could just “hear” the Obutthead saying it.


  4. Sue, too true. So can I hear Østupid saying it, because the wording is just like the utter garbage that issues forth from his stupid mouth.

    I cannot for the life of me think why anyone imagines that he has either charisma or that he is a good orator. It is all vacuous nonsense that ushers forth when he speaks.

    BTW there is an Øbot using multiple names but from the same IP address attempting to leave posts here… fat chance that I will approve a message that is DNC or MoveOn.org approved. Those people are just full of garbage…..


  5. Cabby - AZ

    What a hoot! Thanks for sharing. I wish that our people would truly listen to what Soetoro actually says. There has been such a dumbing down or narcotic-like influence on the intellect and reasoning ability of so many! Sigh.


  6. @Cabby, yes, but the LSM keeps on covering up for him. It only takes a few, like this British journalist to penetrate the vacant space.

    I guess some of us have never been impressed with the words that spill out of his mouth. I think that is why I have been so hyper-critical. I see the words that make very little sense as they are meaningless words pasted together to form a sentence. It is often hard work trying to decipher what he is actually saying. This is why I remain certain that his first Egypt speech was coded for the start of the Arab spring. Call me suspicious, but I feel that the gobbledy gook speech that he gave in Cairo was indeed full of little phrases that had meaning to those who were plotting the protests.

    Even on things like denouncing the death of Neda Soltan, it was half-hearted rhetoric, and he has not said anything of substance about Libya or Syria, or any other nation where there has been a vicious crackdown. It is all just words.

    Now look at Nicolas Sarkozy who actually did spring into action and who worked at getting consensus on taking action against Daffy Duck. He worked hard, and has been sincere the whole time. Now we see others making noises about Syria (which is good because to not condemn the regime over the violence would be hypocritical). Yet have you noticed that once again Østupid does and says nothing. Hillary, on the other hand is beginning to take the reins and to speak out. For too long she has been constrained.

    Soetoro remains a know-nothing, a drug addict, and one who is full of vacant words and gobbledy gook.