Is she running? Will she run? Sarah Palin is the best possible candidate

If you did not know already, the one person I have really begun to like is Sarah Palin. Ever since she was announced as John McCain’s VP pick I have more or less taken notice. Oh yes, the Oz press was full of those more ridiculous stories criticizing the woman, but they never went looking behind the scenes to see if any of them were true… typical LSM. Then I found Hillbuzz, which I came across in a rather curious way, and I saw their defence of Sarah’s son Trig.  I have been a reader of Hillbuzz since early 2009. Then I had a month long visit in the USA and Canada in July 2009 and was introduced to Sarah via the TV. I was impressed with her – this is one woman who could respond to reporters without resorting to teleprompters and notes – yes that is what I saw with her interview. This was about a week before Sarah announced that she was stepping down as Governor of Alaska, which in my opinion was the right decision at the time.

There has been a lot of speculation regarding whether or not Sarah Palin is going to have a tilt at becoming the Republican candidate to contest the Presidency in 2012. If ever there was a woman who could do that role, it is Sarah Palin. On top of that if Col Allen West was her VP pick, then it would be the ideal partnership.  With Allen West there would be no more of this kowtowing to Islamists, since Allen West has shown himself to be someone who understands the nature of the beast.

Today, Hillbuzz has an article that contains a picture of Allen West and Sarah Palin at Rolling Thunder. It is a very natural picture, and yet it shows strength in both individuals.  However, it seems that the likes of Charles Krauthammer have started to go into overdrive with their negative comments that are meant to sow the seeds of doubt in peoples minds. The Daily Caller has an article about the latest diatribe from Charles Krauthammer.

Should Sarah announce her candidacy, I will be pleased that she is willing to take a punt on the race to beat Østupid. She is one person who has been very consistent with her remarks and her comebacks, and her push against his Marxist policies.

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