Something to hide – something to find

According to this report the Kenyan government was not able to find a birth certificate for Østupid. There are a few things in the report to emphasise:

1. The ministry of national heritage has commissioned a cultural museum in Kogolo (a bit of an overkill in my opinion). However, there has been a dispute about who is to provide the land which has placed the project on hold.

2. Mama Sarah (something like Frumma Sarah in the play “Fiddler on the Roof”) seems to be all over the place with her statements. There is, however, some confirmation that she did claim that Østupid was born in East Africa. It is just that no one can find any records to prove it.


****Something that has gone through my mind regarding the unreliability of Frummah Sarah, is that she did witness the birth of a son to a white woman, except that it was not Ann, but the next wife. It is possible that Frummah Sarah is so confused that she does not seem to be able to distinguish between the two women. If this is the case it would explain one discrepancy in her accounts of what took place. *****

3. The Kenyan government has decided to re-dedicate the tomb of the old drunk Barry sr. That project has been delayed because of wrangles over who owns the plot.

4. Mama Sarah has been living on the high hog, and has been going to such exotic destinations as Tripoli, where she met with Gadhafi….. how nice!! (perhpas that explains some of Østupid’s dithering and two-faced attitude over the subject of Libya)

5. and you will love this statement:

Philip J. Berg, a former Pennsylvania deputy attorney general, included a transcript of the taped Oct. 16, 2008, telephone interview and sworn affidavits in a filing with the U.S. Supreme Court after lower courts dismissed as frivolous his Aug. 21, 2008, complaint alleging Obama was born in Mombasa.

Critics point out many reasons to be skeptical of the recorded telephone conversation, including the possibility something was lost in the translation and the fact that, through her interpreter, she later clarified that her famous grandson was born in Hawaii, not Kenya. Nevertheless, two members of the Obamas’ Luo tribe who are fluent in the local Luo dialect, Swahili and English told WND that after carefully listening to the tape they believe she declared Barack Obama Jr. was born in Kenya and that she was present at the birth.

The discussion of Sarah Obama’s purported claim is found in reports by Kenya’s National Security Intelligence Service, or NSIS, and official letters indicating the Kenyan government investigated the possibility that President Obama was born in Kenya.

As WND reported, two letters purportedly written by Kenya’s immigration secretary during the 2008 U.S. presidential election campaign stated that officials in Nairobi could not find evidence Obama was born in Kenya. But the official said the government had “information” that relevant birth records may have been removed or were missing.

An “interim report” by the NSIS issued in September 2008 “concludes that a birth certificate in the name of Barack Hussein Obama may have been issued” in Kenya “but to confirm this would require a further thorough joint investigation” by the NSIS and Kenya’s Central Intelligence Department, or CID.

The report said that none of several investigations by various officers has been conclusive and that some leads require further investigation “because it appears some powerful forces as it were are hell bent in defeating this investigation.”

At the time of Obama’s birth, the procedure in Kenya was for the hospital to issue a “birth notification slip,” which would then be presented to municipal authorities by the person registering the birth.

“No such slip was found or proved to have existed,” the report says. “A thorough search at the old registry of the Mombasa Municipal Council did not yield anything. However, this does not remove any possibility that Barack Obama could have been born at the [Coast Provincial General Hospital].”

Meanwhile, a 2009 internal NSIS report (page 1 and page 2) said conflicting stories suggest the “the Obama family is trying to hide something but are not doing a very good job of it.” The report stated:

We have also investigated Mama Sarah to find out if she is speaking the truth but she had come out as vague and incongruent.

In one interview with Mama Sarah Obama our officers recorded that Mama Sarah says she cannot remember if she attended the birth of Barack Obama or visited his parents at the Coast Provincial General Hospital around the official birthday of Barack Obama. But she confessed to have had part of her family there at around the same time. Some of her brothers were already working in Mombasa.

In a second interview done much later, she says that she is sure Barack Obama was born in Mombasa because she was visiting her family there when he was born, and they were called to the CPGH (Coast Provincial General Hospital) where she met Barack Obama’s mother for the first time.

Yet in another interview Mama Sarah turned hostile and gave a conflicting testimony that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii and the family only got to hear or learn of the birth through a letter that Barack Obama’s father sent later.

All these conflicting testimonies point to the fact that the Obama family is trying to hide something but are not doing a very good job of it.

This means that we’re dealing with a situation that calls for caution and only a joint investigation would do.

The internal NSIS reports suggest the intelligence agency was considering subpoenaing Sarah Obama to testify under oath because “she has become a hostile witness to our investigations.”

The reporting investigator noted, however, that because of her stature, a subpoena would require permission from the minister for internal security and the attorney general, “and I can assure you this is not tenable at the moment.”

“I urge you to try to get information from her or elsewhere in the best way you can.

NSIS reports also refer to birth “records of interest” at the Lady Grigg Maternity Unit at the Coast Provincial General Hospital in Mombasa:

For instance, we noticed several alterations and quite a number of insertions that were irregular. Generally, the records bear no alterations and if there were, a certificate of alteration has to be issued against the alteration by the birth records office at the Mombasa district commissioner’s office.

I find it intriguing that neither Hawaii nor Kenya have birth records relating to the pResident in the White House. It still looks like a massive fraud has taken place. Like many, I do not accept the new certificate because it looks like a fraud, yet, I am happy to accept that he was born in Hawaii. It makes no sense that there was a birth in Mombassa, and that Ann hopped on a plane, virtually the next day to return to Hawaii, then turn up in Seattle within weeks of giving birth. It is more likely that she had a home birth in Hawaii, and that she then chose to take up studies in Seattle, away from the drunk womaniser Barry Sr. There is absolutely no evidence that they lived together, either before or after the birth of Barry. In other words I am happy to accept the immigration documents relating to Barry sr that indicate the August 4 birth in Hawaii.

Once again, the place of birth is irrelevant because Barry sr is the acknowledged father. As such, this means that Barry jr was not a natural born citizen, he had British citizenship at birth, and he was a dual citizen which means he cannot be classified as Natural Born Citizen. The 14th amendment would apply giving him the native born citizenship (just like my cousins who have an Australian mother) but that does not mean that he was eligible to be POTUS. Natural Born Citizenship as mentioned in your Constitution has a much higher meaning than that of native born.

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  2. Excellent article, Aussie! Ties everything up into one neat narrative.