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A picture is worth a thousand words

The Gateway Pundit has up an article about the boring speech given in the UK Parliament. It seems I was not wrong in voicing my thoughts that it woud be another “me, me” effort. Actually, it seems that it also contained a number of historical inaccuracies as well (nothing new from the dumbest POTUS ever).

However, it is the picture that Jim has used that caused me to smile a little bit. It really is worth a thousand words just to have a look at the boredom on the faces of the audience.

If I can, I will see if I can find some write-ups from the British press (if there is any that is not full of the little boy salivating that has been there over the past week).


I found another article with more pictures. Mind, the author of the article seems to be one who poops in his pants for Østupid, but again, you need to have a look at some of these pictures. The speech was so boring that at least one person was captured on film, having fallen asleep.

If you read the captions to the photos, you will see one that I find to be hilarious, but also shows up the author to be nothing more than a sycophant. The caption states amazement that there were no standing ovations during the speech, as is the custom in the Congress. Hmmm…. now I wonder why there were no standing ovations: could it be that the speech was so bad, so full of historical error, and extremely boring that the members of the Houses of Parliament at Westminster felt that it was not worthy of a standing ovation? Could it be that the English thinks that Østupid is not some great orator, but is rather a crashing bore?

Al Sharpton is a racist hypocrite

Lee Stranahan, the Progressive journalist employed by Andrew Breitbart has another excellent piece. This time he highlights a rape case in Florida. You have probably never heard of the case. The victim and her son are black and the rapists are black. Rather than give you the more horrific details of the rape itself, I suggest that you read the article.

However, it is not the rape that I want to highlight, but the action of both the NAACP and Al Sharpton after the fact, and in support of the rapists, not the victims. The NAACP could not give two hoots for the victims ( a young woman and her son who was blinded by the rapists). Al Sharpton could not care less that the victims were black. Oh no siree, the (Rev?) Al Sharpton went down to Florida to complain that the black rapists were refused bail, whilst the white rapists in another case were allowed out on bail. (maybe it is because the rapists in the other case did not steal the victim’s car, or try to set the victim and son alight in the bath).

Clearly Al Sharpton, who is an influence upon Østupid is not only a racist but he is hypocritical. He will appear and make accusations when it suits him, but he clearly does not support the victims of rape. Please read the whole story.

Kudos have to go to Lee Stranahan for bringing this case to our attention, especially the hypocritical reaction of both the NAACP and Al Sharpton.

The Rick Perry edition redux – or Allahpundit continues to push boring Pawlenty

Allahpundit at HotAir cannot seem to help himself. He clearly wants the Republicans to lose the 2012 race with his constant pushing of Pawlenty.  The post is supposed to be about the possibility of Rick Perry thinking about getting into the race, and then he turns it into more shilling for Pawlenty.

I do think that we need to continue to reframe the meme. Allahpundint seems to represent the Cocktail Party with his remarks, but more than that, he seems to accept the meme that RINOs are the centrist, and that is ridiculous because a RINO like Pawlenty, Romney, Christie and co, are not centrist, they are the Radical Republicans. In other words we should start to call them Radical Republicans and get that meme out there. In that way we can reframe the DNC narrative that somehow Dhimmi politics is centrist, when that is not the case.

Here are some of the comments that really make no sense at all:

1. Romney, Pawlenty and Huntsman will split the centrist vote.  (BIG RED FLAG)

What is this saying to you? I know what it is saying to me, especially when he includes Huntsman in that mix as a centrist. Huntsman has watermelon credentials. In fact Pawlenty is a pink watermelon with his notions on green issues.  It really is absurd to talk about the Republican centrist vote when these people believe in Marxist type agenda aka things like a carbon tax.

2. Exit question: What does this do for Pawlenty’s chances? T-Paw might be the only “centrist” who ends up campaigning hard in Iowa, so if grassroots conservatives there end up splitting between Perry, Palin, and the dark horses, he could squeak through. On the other hand, Pawlenty’s niche is as the electable “Not Romney” candidate, and once Perry is in, that niche will have two members. What’s the argument for T-Paw then?

Keep in mind that Tim Pawlenty, in trying to shore up his so called fiscal conservative credentials has come out stating that he wants to see an end to the ethanol protection in Iowa. I am not sure that it is a winning strategy. Neither can I see it a winning strategy to announce that he wants big changes to social security in Florida.

From what I am learning about Pawlenty, he is not the right person to be POTUS, even if he would be one of the most boring of candidates (Bob Dole redux). It would be a very big mistake to do the Bob Dole rerun in 2012. I think that Perry would be a better alternative to Pawlenty. He has a better fiscal record as well. 

If Rick Perry jumped in, then I would wonder if Sarah Palin will decide to run because Sarah did say that it will depend upon other candidates.

There is no guarantee that Ricky Perry will announce his candidacy. Also when I see the word “flattered” then I have to look back to John McCain and how the MSM flattered him to the point that he gave it a run…. and then they turned on him.

Whoever announces has to be ready for the mudslinging. Are there any hidden skeletons in the Rick Perry closet?

The Paul Ryan edition – latest name being pushed

The Cocktail Party must be getting desperate. Every few days a new name is being pushed at HotAir. The latest name is Paul Ryan.

As you would be aware the Republican Jane Corwin lost the election for NY-26. The Dhimmicrats are claiming that this was a victory based upon people not being happy with the Medicare proposals. That might or might not be true because NY-26 had a Democrat in Tea Party clothing as a candidate. This meant that the alleged Tea Party candidate drew voters away from Jane Corwin.

However, the reaction seems to be that Paul Ryan needs to run so that he can explain his budget to the population. It seems to me that this is a very poor reason to try and push someone who is not ready for the responsibility of being POTUS into the limelight.

If you know anything about Paul Ryan please chime in with the details. I am of the opinion that Ryan would not be the right person to be the Republican candidate.

UK Guardian comment on Østupid visit to the UK

Gary Barker on Barack Obama’s UK

26.05.11: Gary Barker

Suggest you read the following

Miss Tickly had closed her blog and with a good compelling reason. She has, however, written a new entry, which is very compelling as well.  Here is the link to her blog:

Please read, and then you can make comments here. I will note that she has stated that she accepts the long form and she gives her reasons for acceptance. It does not mean that the long form remains a fraud. It just means that the HDOH have certified it.

Jared Loughner not fit to stand trial

Just saw this news report in the Sydney Morning Herald, that a Federal judge has ruled that Loughner is not fit to stand trial for the murder of the 6 people who were killed, including Judge John Roll, as well as the little girl and Gabrielle’s aide. (I had neglected to report on the Pope taking time to talk to the crew of the space station and the Endeavour including Gabrielle’s husband. The Pope had passed on his condolences to the Italian astronaut whose mother had passed away whilst he was in the space station, as well as offering up prayers and good wishes for Gabrielle’s recovery ).

The outburst in the courtroom probably helped the judge to come to that conclusion, but Loughner had been examined by two psychiatrists who determined that he suffers from schizophrenia, and delusions. There is no surprise over their diagnosis. I do wonder whether they also took into account the type of drugs that he had been ingesting prior to the rampage. I have no doubt that his consumption of those drugs have contributed significantly to his paranoia and to his schizophrenia.