KSM and four others face new charges – two men in Kentucky face terrorist charges

Have just seen two news reports that are of interest. Khalil Sheik Mohammed and 4 others are facing a new set of charges relating to their activities as terrorists. Good. I hope that they will finally face a military tribunal and that they will be found guilty.

The second report, I think is the more serious one, because I want to know how these men were allowed to enter the USA in the first place. Two Iraqi men, who now live in Bowling Green Kentucky are being charged with planting IED devices for the purpose of harming troops in Iraq. They are also facing charges of conspiring to attempt to export Stinger missiles to Iraq.

I would like to know why Homeland Security and Immigration allowed these Iraqis into the country without a thorough background check. If they were “refugees”, they should have been held in detention (yeah, Australia’s method of checking out all of these so-called refugees), until they could be proven to not be a part of any Islamist group, especially Al Qaeda.

It is a good thing that they have been busted and are now facing charges, but it seems to me that the action to bust them has taken far too long, and that a lot of lives have been endangered in the meantime, especially when they were free to roam in the general community.

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