Why did the Donald withdraw as a possible candidate?

Ulsterman has yet another interesting report that points the finger at the possibility that someone made big threats against the Donald’s business. This is very likely to be true since it is the only way that Donald Trump would have backed down with a whimper.

The last time Donald Trump said anything he mentioned the school records should be released, and suddenly there was silence, and an announcement that he would not run for the Presidency. Perhaps that evil witch Valerie Jarrett had someone threaten him, but then again look at the associates of the mobster, and you have the likes of the hypocrite Al Sharpton, and others, including the terrorists William Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn (both belong in prison)who would be more than willing to make threats.


5 responses to “Why did the Donald withdraw as a possible candidate?

  1. Good morning. I saw Usterman’s post and it seems something happened. However, it is interesting that Sarah Palin is going to have lunch with Trump in NY soon. Is he considering be a money supply for a Palin run?

    I heard the lunch info on Hannity or Beck last week.

    Take care.



  2. Good evening Zach 🙂
    I saw some reports on the meeting between Sarah Palin and Donald Trump. Those reports seemed to suggest that Sarah was going to talk to him about funding.

    When Trump made that announcement about not running I do admit to wondering why he had changed his mind. This makes Ulsterman even more believable. It certainly sounds like he was threatened in some way.


  3. Cabby - AZ

    It seems that Trump would only back down if there were serious threats made. And now since this info has come out about the alleged phone conversation between Trump and Jerome Corsi (author of the new birther book) things seem even stranger. Apparently Trump wrote to Mother Jones and other news media denying that he had ever made statements questioning the latest BC on-line fabrication. Yet Corsi and Farah (WND) both said he did. Somebody is lying. Why? Maybe time will tell.


  4. Cabby - AZ

    Here is something else that is emerging now that Palin is on her bus tour. She is demonstrating very shrewd political instincts by holding things very tightly to the vest. This is just bugging the LSM and other libs to death.

    Recently she pulled a fast one on the many media personnel keeping tabs on the bus location by leaving it parked in a certain location where Palin was staying overnight. In the morning while the bus was being loaded and all media were waiting to follow it, she and entourage took off in another vehicle at another door and eluded the media at least for awhile.

    Another thing interesting to watch is the fact that she has not done any behind the scenes contact with state GOP leaders, etc., as would be customary for a prospective candidate. This is keeping everyone guessing, which is much to her advantage whether she decides to run or not. It really tickles me and is fascinating to watch. 🙂


  5. Good for Sarah, she really does know how to poke the LSM in the eye, and they deserve it!!