Developing – Iran Parliament votes to take Ahmahnutjob to court

There has been a power struggle going on in Iran. For the time being the opposition has been silenced (I have not heard if Mousavi and Kharoubi are in prison or if they remain prisoners in their own homes lately). The people have been silenced due to a most vicious crackdown in that country. The crackdown in Iran has been far more vicious than in Syria, Bahrain, Egypt and Yemen, and is on a par with Libya.

However, over the past few months there have been real signs of a crack in the regime. Ahmahnutjob defied the Grand Pooh-bah over a certain matter, and this has meant that the hardliners in the Iran Parliament have been out to seek revenge in some way. There are some really extreme hardliners in the Iran Parliament and these people are very willing to murder more people.

The latest story is that the Iran Parliament has voted to take Ahmahnutjob to court over the firing of the oil minister. It seems that there are a lot of issues that are boiling at the present time. This is something that is developing rapidly. Yet you have to remember that the hand behind the Iranian Parliament is one of the most wicked and deviant men alive – the Grand Pooh-bah Khamenei, who sees himself as God.

The fallout between the Grand Pooh-bah and Ahmahnutjob is about to have big repercussions. The Grand Pooh-bah had been involved in the conspiracy that saw Ahmahnutjob remain as President when the people voted against him. This means that the fall-out that has developed between this pair is really big. Khamenei killed to get the position of Grand Pooh-bah. Khamenei has enabled the torture and imprisonment of the Iranian people. He sees Ahmahnutjob as some kind of threat, but Khamenei wields all of the power. Iran is about to become very unstable.

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