Union thug Trumka is not happy, Jan….

Just saw this piece, via Instapundit which indicates that the union AFL-CIO is not happy and that there will be less enthusiasm than in 2008.  However the report itself requires some interpretation to read between the lines, because what they want is even more radical.

“It will be more challenging this time than it was last time to motivate our members,” Trumka, 61, said in an interview today at Bloomberg’s offices in Washington.

Trumka, head of the largest U.S. labor organization, said union members are frustrated by “wasted energy” in Washington on issues that he said don’t help workers: “hysteria” about the federal deficit, a White House review of regulations and Obama’s support for free-trade agreements.

Labor leaders said in recent weeks that they would withhold financial support in next year’s election from candidates who haven’t sided with unions consistently, a move that may hurt Democrats who have relied on labor backing. The International Association of Fire Fighters has vowed to withhold campaign money from federal races, throwing its money into state-level campaigns.

Obama a ‘Friend’

Asked if Obama is a friend or an acquaintance, Trumka said, “He’s a friend. There’s a lot of things we disagree with him on. There’s far more things that we agree with him on.”

Obama’s support for free-trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama has disappointed his union supporters, Trumka said.

“During the campaign, he made significant promises to do an inventory of the trade agreements” to be certain they protected worker rights, Trumka said. “He’s obviously forgotten that promise.”

The results announced last week from Obama’s review of regulations throughout the government that burden business produced little of substance, Trumka said.

Faulting politicians of both parties for pursuing “the corporate agenda,” Trumka said more government spending to create jobs would revive the economy and lead to a reduction in the deficit.

Of course, as you can see from these snippets, Trumka is talking with a forked tongue. He threatens candidates, as yet unnamed that they will not get campaign finance, but since Østupid is considered “a friend” that means that the Østupid campaign coffers will once again be filled with union donations (and probably large sums of money).

Trumka is one man who does not have a clue. He seems to think that the USA or any government can run on a crippling deficit. He does not seem to comprehend that this large deficit is detrimental to his own union members – the money that is being used by the Govt is not being used by the private sector, and it is the private sector that provides most jobs. In the long term, even with public sector jobs such as the firemen, police etc. if the private sector is not getting the work, then ultimately the funding for the public sector (their jobs) will dry up. People like Trumka never manage to “get it”. On the other hand they do know how to use stupid rhetoric and how to threaten people.

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