Daffy Duck the Gunna

I just found an article that gives quite a bit of insight into the antipathy between Benghazi and the Daffy Duck regime. From what I can gather there has never been any love lost between Daffy and the citizens of Benghazi. The BBC has an interesting article about “demolition” sites in Benghazi. This is not necessarily an article about the “war” but… you can read it for yourself….

It turns out that Gadhafi has a reputation as a “gunna” i.e. one who is “gunna do this” or “gunna do that”. In this article for example it highlights a variety of projects that never really got off the ground, including a railway project (VFT projects anyone?). There is about 875 metres of track that has been laid in this great railway network.

When it comes to crimes, though Daffy and his sons really take the cake. This article also explains about what happened at a football stadium at Benghazi and how Saadi Gadhafi had the stadium razed to the ground over an incident that is really worth a bit of a laugh. He also had several people arrested and 3 were killed as a result of the incident.

I find that as I read these things, I learn more about the real nature of the conflict, and I remain reassured that Al Qaeda and Islamists are not behind the rebellion in Benghazi. The gunna projects are an indication of what went wrong in the relationship between the two cities, yet they do not explain the who antipathy. Perhaps the fact that after the people sacked the fort in the middle of the town, and they started using the old national flag might be a clue about the people, and how they simply want freedom from a dictatorship that they never wanted in the first place.


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