stupid school prayer decision in Texas has been reversed

If you want to know my feelings towards the Schultz family (they brought the action) then it is to say that I am glad that the most stupid decision ever made by a US judge has been overturned on appeal.

First of all, it is against the notion of separation of church and state to have a court intervene over the matter of prayer. It also goes to show that the whole argument was based upon a sham notion of what is in fact a good principle.

Second, the agnostics were in fact trying to impose their religious views on everyone else and that is not acceptable.

I have stated on many occasions (in comments elsewhere) that I agree with the principle of the separation of church and state because the original meaning of the principle is bound up in ensuring that no one religion is promoted as the State religion.

The historical background goes way back in history to a time when it was common to have a State religion. It can, for example be traced back to the period of the Maccabees, who fought against the Greek imposition of their own gods, with the forbidding of worship to God. A statue of a god was erected in the Jewish temple, and when the Maccabees rebelled, and finally defeated the Greeks, there was a re-dedication of the temple, which is celebrated every year at Hanukah. Moving forward to the Roman Empire and Christianity, we also see where Christians were persecuted because they would not make sacrifices to the emperor who as declared to be a god. Moving forward again to English history, we see the same thing with regard to the imposition of a State religion aka the Anglican church under Henry VIII. (this is a potted history for illustrative purposes only). The context of the pilgrims on the Mayflower is that they were dissidents from the Anglican church. As such it is to be noted that they did not want to see the imposition of a state religion when the colonies formed into what became the USA. 

Today we have the danger of Islam trying to impose itself upon our western nations. To do so would breach this principle of separation of church and state. This is why a decision made by some activist judge is dangerous because it helps the Islamic cause.

Thankfully, Rick Perry and his attorney general, saw the light and joined with the school and the girl who is to give the main address to appeal such an appalling decision. The real absurdity btw was the claim that somehow asking people to bow their heads was some form of government directive.  If young Mr. Schultz is so sensitive that someone asking for a prayer, or to bow one’s head is going to harm him, then he is at the wrong school, and the family should just stay home or at least either shut up or put up!!!!!!!



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