Time for a little bit of Queen

Big news from the border region of Pakistan and Afghanistan, where one of the most vicious militants in Pakistan has been killed in a joint raid by Pakistan and the USA. His name is Ilyas Kashmiri (means he comes from the Kashmir region). He was on the USA’s most wanted list of Al Qaeda terrorists. Even better news is that this strike was a two for the price of one effort. Another top Al Qaeda operative Faruq was killed in the same hit.

The Mail Online has a rundown on the infamous career of Kashmiri, who is blamed for the attack on the naval base in Karachi, as well as being involved in the attack in Mumbai. With the death of Kashmiri, the Al Qaeda leadership has been further weakened.

Let’s just hope that MI6 have another successful attempt at using cupcake recipes to scramble the Inspire online magazine. Besides, I think a lot of people might be interested in a mojita cupcake 🙂 and yes the mojita cocktail is great, especially helpful when one is suffering a little bit of sea sickness so imagine what the cupcake could achieve 🙂

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