Flushing out the trolls

This is bound to get some troll heads exploding, and I have news for those little turds who try to leave their droppings on my blog: you are not going to get through the approve process.

Sarah Palin was asked to explain about Paul Revere’s ride and her comment that he warned the British (which by his own account, he did indeed tell them that the people were waiting and they were not going to win, when he was confronted by them).  Here is Sarah explaining:

Sarah is not stupid. She is not the one who claimed that the USA has 57 states. That was left to Østupid who has absolutely no idea about American history or for that matter he has absolutely no idea about economics and how to run a nation. He also has absolutlely no idea when it comes to Foreign policy and International relations, and is on the verge of assisting the world to plunge into world war III (unless he is stopped).


2 responses to “Flushing out the trolls

  1. It’s ridiculous the level of vitriol towards Sarah Palin. You can always measure the danger to the socialist cabal by the level of attacks against the individual.


  2. @Paxson,
    if they are that stupid that they have to repeat the DNC talking points, or they are so stupid that they say nasty things about people who have a bit of weight, they are not welcome here 🙂