Has someone found the link for the e.coli outbreak?

Just saw this report, and yes it does make some sense, since it is something that we eat raw, and more women and men eat them. The latest vegetable to be linked to the e.coli outbreak is bean sprouts.

German bean sprouts were yesterday identified as the likely source of the E coli outbreak that has killed 22 people, caused chaos among Europe‘s vegetable growers and sparked a diplomatic row between Russia and the EU.

The state of Lower Saxony issued an urgent warning to stop eating bean sprouts on Sunday as it believes them to be the link between all the restaurants and food outlets in the outbreak. “We’ve a very strong lead linking a bean sprout company to the cases of E coli infection,” said Gerd Lindemann, the state’s agricultural minister.

Many of the restaurants in the outbreak had the sprouts delivered from Uelzen, a town in Lower Saxony in north Germany. A factory there produces 18 sorts of sprouts, from alfalfa and aduki bean sprouts, to sprouts from radish and sunflower seeds. Their cultivation in large steam drums at 38C creates ideal conditions for various types of bacteria to grow.

However, Lindemann also said, consumers should also continue to avoid raw cucumbers, tomatoes and salad leaves, as advised by Germany’s main health body, the Robert Koch Institute.

If you notice something, this time there is a better possible and probable link, than say the Spanish cucumbers and tomatoes (they are still bad for your health :)) The link is that you have one source providing all of the restaurants where the outbreak has occurred.  Also, the method by which the sprouts are raised apparently is conducive to the growth of bacteria. Bingo!! Do we have a winner?

Also, in this report, there is yet another suggestion that the cause might be due to the actual farming methods i.e. the biogas tanks.

Cases of E. coli poisoning have also been reported in more than 12 other countries, including Austria, Britain, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States. Each was related to German travel.

Meanwhile, several German scientists suggested on Sunday the outbreak could be linked to bacteria found in biogas plants.

Biogas, or methane, is produced by the anaerobic digestion or fermentation of biodegradable material such as manure, sewage and green waste.

“There are all sorts of bacteria which didn’t exist before which are now produced in biogas fermentation tanks,” Bernt Schottdorf, a medical analyst, told Welt am Sonntag newspaper.

“They crossbreed and mix with one another – what goes on precisely hasn’t really been studied,” he said, adding that 80 per cent of the production waste finds its way back onto fields as fertiliser.

Ernst Guenther Hellwig, head of the veterinary and agriculture academy in Horstmar-Leer, said because it had rained very little in the spring it was possible such fertilisers had not been washed off growing plants.

“Dangerous bacteria could be brought onto the fields this way and could contaminate vegetables,” he said.


There is more to this story, because the German farmer, a vegetarian (what an idiot!!) has denied that there is anything wrong on his farm.

The head of a German farm facing an inquiry over a deadly E. coli outbreak has been quoted as saying he could not understand accusations that bean sprouts grown at his farm could be to blame.

Klaus Verbeck, managing director of the Gaertnerhof Bienenbuettel, told the Neue Osnabruecker Zeitung that no fertilisers are used to produce his bean sprouts and that there are no animals on his organic farm.

German officials said on Sunday his bean sprouts could be behind an E. coli outbreak that has killed 22 and made more than 2,200 people ill across Europe. The farm has been shut and produce recalled.

Officials say of the 40 samples from the farm being examined, 23 have tested negative so far.

“I can’t understand how the processes we have here and the accusations could possibly fit together,” Mr Verbeck told the paper.

“The salad sprouts are grown only from seeds and water, and they aren’t fertilised at all. There aren’t any animal fertilisers used in other areas on the farm either.”

Perhaps the water was contaminated? More than one report that I have seen indicated that a worker on the farm had an e.coli infection. So the saga continues since the farm is the link between all of the businesses where the people got sick, it seems highly likely that it is the source, especially when organic farming is involved. The link that I have just added from the Daily Mail again mentions that a worker on the farm was found to have e.coli infection.

It is the method of production that matters. The farmer claims that he does not use any fertilizer, but the method for growing the bean sprouts and other sprouts might be open to question since that kind of environment is great for the growth of the bacteria.

The BBC has yet another report on the e.coli outbreak which indicates the that particular strain of e.coli is normally transmitted via feces. It is still not clear how the infection occurred at the farm because the owner of the property denies that he uses any form of fertilizer (hmm we shall see). However, with 23 samples returning a negative result to tests it is far from clear as to how the infection started. If the earlier reports are correct and a farm worker had the e.coli, then it was probably transmitted via that person. However, one thing is very clear and that is, this is not any terrorist attack. (the terrorists are too stupid to think of contaminating people via e.coli).


Der Spiegel has a very detailed report on the hunt to find the culprit for the outbreak of the e.coli infection. To add to the confusion about the source of infection, the Spanish cucumbers did test positive to e.coli, however, it was not the same one that is causing the illness and death of patients. The death toll stands at something like 22 people, with more than 2000 infected patients. The majority of the patients are women.

However, if it is not the sprout farm that is the cause of the outbreak, then attention probably needs to focus on the food market in Hamburg. However, like the farm, the samples from the market, that had been tested came back as negative.

Other sources have reported upon the possibility that it is still highly likely that the source is the bean sprouts because of the way that the bean sprouts are produced. Apparently they are produced in an environment that is conducive to e.coli bacteria.  It is not over just yet. The source of the infection has not been found.



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    Please have a look and view the video. It is one of the best news reports that I have seen. What amazes me is that the journalists, who will normally carry the propaganda of the regime without thought, this time around are well aware that they are being taken for a ride. This could be due to the way that they are being tightly controlled by the regime.