An end to Wienergate – He did it!!!!

The news is full of this story about the sleazy Anthony Wiener who sent a lewd picture of himself to an unknown young woman. I have also seen a few other not so choice reports that this was not an isolated incidient. The big news is that Anthony Weiner pulled a press conference and has admitted that his account was not hacked and that he sent out the tweet. He also sent other lewd photos from an email account to another young woman. The man has egg all over his stupid face.

**************** UPDATE*****************

Nancy Piglosi is not happy, Jan. She is calling for an ethics committee investigation on Anthony Wiener. Now be careful here because it is not an all-encompassing investigation. She is more concerned with the possibility that he used official house resources, than the actual offense. However, she at least is not being a hypocrite like that awful Debbi Wasserman-Schultz (I know nothing!!).


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