The anti-Palin trolls need to go wipe the egg off their faces

Well, look who is supporting Sarah Palin over Paul Revere: it is the L.A. Times. These nasty little anti-Palin turds have a habit of jumping on things that they think that make her look stupid, such as the “gotcha” question about Paul Revere, and just like most other occasions Palin is once again proved right.

The L.A. Times actually points out that everyone knows the first part of the story of Paul Revere’s ride (yes even an Aussie knows that part of the story) but few seem to know that Paul Revere was captured by the British and defiantly told them that the militia would be waiting for them.

Instead the stupid journalist and all of those stupid little DNC/ trolls went about spreading their own ignorance on the story of Paul Revere, and now they are the ones that have egg all over their faces.

BTW raw egg contains a lot of bacteria that can cause people to fall ill, and in fact raw egg can make people vomit. So I would suggest that the anti-Palin trolls go get that egg off their faces before they start driving the porcelain bowl !!!!


3 responses to “The anti-Palin trolls need to go wipe the egg off their faces

  1. It amazes me that the so called “Enlightened Liberals” are so friggen academically inept. It is well known that Paul was captured by the English during his Historical ride. It is just as well known that Paul also doused his body with Spirits before he rode off for the sole purpose of deceiving the English into believing we was just a drunkard running amok, if he were to be captured.

    Then again, these are the same “Enlightened Liberals”:

    That swear the mental masturbation theories of Global Warming equate to fact.
    That believe Islam is the Religion of Peace.
    That berate any other Religious Philosophy as the cause of every perceived social ill and inequality.
    That believe the tragedy of 9/11 was an inside job.
    That accuse former administrations of being War Criminals.
    That are perfectly happy with their administration doing the exact same things.
    That think Socialism, Marxism, and Communism are the greatest forms of Government that have ever existed.
    That rely solely on Emotional Knee Jerking to support their nefarious agendas.
    That constantly revise history and the meaning of words in order to perpetuate their delusions.

    That… On, and on, and on …


  2. well stated 🙂

    As an Aussie, I was aware of the ride of Paul Revere, but I cannot remember if the book that I had for American history mentioned that he was captured by the British.

    I did see at Legal Insurrection that someone took the time in comments to give a very good overview of the whole thing, and the “warning” was meant to send them away from Lexington because Adams and the other person were in that little town.

    As for AGW. I am sitting here freezing at this very moment. I can tell you that there is no way that I can believe in AGW when we just had a record cold May, and there is snow in Olinda, Victoria, which is in the Dandenong ranges, and the snow is very rare.


  3. You might also look at this link:

    It gives a good run down on what we are experiencing. It is called the weather and it is bloody cold!!!!