The Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry edition

There is news that a number of staffers have deserted Newt Gingrich. This should come as no surprise, because Gingrich is the candidate least likely to succeed. However, what some analysts have failed to see, is that the staffers who have left also happen to be people who have worked with Rick Perry in the past. The Daily Caller has the story about the link between Perry and the Gingrich staffers.

Does this mean that Rick Perry is going to jump into the Republican race?It is by no means certain at this point in time, but like the Daily Caller, I think that it is worth the speculation that it is more likely that Perry is considering the run. If he did run he could easily knock out the likes of Pawlenty and Mittens Romney, as well as Huntsman (all of them are lightweights and have watermelon credentials).

Whilst Rick Perry would not be the ideal candidate, he has a good record in Texas, or at least that is my understanding of Governor Rick Perry. As such he should be able to lead the country away from some of the most damaging of the Østupid policies. Excluding foreign relations (which Østupid has totally f’d up) Perry seems to be one who would get the USA back on track in regard to things like oil production. I am sure that he has a down side, and yes, I would like people to chime in with regard to Perry’s strengths and weaknesses.


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