Erdogan expresses his frustration

I find this story interesting because Erdogan is no friend of the West. Yet the Turkish military provided cover for humanitarian aid ships attempting to enter the port of Misrata. Turkey was also prominent in assisting foreigners, including two Australians who were imprisoned in Libya (one for using his mobile phone in Tripoli) to be freed and leave Libya. Whilst Erdogan has a not so great record as far as Israel is concerned, he seems to have a much better record as a go between for the West and Libya.

It seems that behind the scenes, Turkey has been one of the countries attempting to get a diplomatic solution to the crisis. Turkey has been aiming to get Daffy Duck to leave. Erdogan has even tried to give guarantees with regard to a safe passage, but it is to no avail.

More importantly, Turkey has been trying to get a ceasefire. There are promises, but the very next day the firing and the shelling of various cities continues. This has happened several times when there has been talk of a ceasefire, sometimes within hours, the shelling of Misrata and other cities begins again.

It seems that Turkey is running out of patience with Daffy Duck. The same is true of other Arab and African nations, as well as Russia and China. I note that Chavez and Castro have been quiet for the past month or so. I wonder whether Chavez is about ready to spout more of his BS. However, the fact that they are so quiet now, when in the first few weeks they were quite vocal seems to indicate that they too, are running out of patience.

Who will be next to desert this sinking ship of rats within Tripoli?


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