HotAir continues to push the unelectable Tim Pawlenty

The man is boring. He laughs at his own bad jokes. Yes, it is true that he did ok in Minnesota as governor. However, he has positions that are contrary to what is good for the balance of the USA, and I am only talking about the green credentials. My view here is that if they tout green policies and global warming, give them a kick in the pants. That means I think that the majority of the candidates that are lining up for the Republicans are bad picks.  However, I have not heard Herman Cain on green policies, so that leaves him out of the mix of those that I think cannot beat Østupid.  I still think that Herman Cain is a good possible candidate.

However, Allahpundit at HotAir continues droning on with his pushing of Pawlenty because I guess Allahpundit must think that it is his turn to run for POTUS. So does Mittens Romney. 

In this post HotAir starts by taking on Mittens Romney according to a statement by FreedomWorks, he has a bash at Palin, mentions that Bachmann is a long shot (well I actually think that she should simply forget about it), and then does his usual pushing for the ever so boring Pawlenty.

I should add here that there is one thing that I strongly disagree with, and that is when people intending to vote Republican decide to stay home because their candidate did not win the nomination. That kind of stupidity is what landed you with Østupid in the first place. If Romney ended up as the candidate, then he would still be a better bet than Østupid in running the country.  He still has better credentials than Østupid. To stay home would condemn the USA to oblivion if it guaranteed an Østupid win. It should not be an option.

Here in Australia we have compulsory voting, plus we vote on the Saturday, not in the middle of the week. Also, the new government when it is picked, especially in a landslide starts the next day. This is why the procedures in the USA are so very foreign to most of us. It simply does not compute to have several months where damage can be done in a lame duck session.  However, our government structure is different, because the Governor-General, who is the Queen’s representative is just a figurehead, and it is the Prime Minister who has the political power.




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