OMG Palin wanted a tanning bed!!!!

I do not understand why the NYSlimes and WAPO think it is so necessary to go dredging through 24,000 emails from Governor Palin’s account at the time that she was Governor of Alaska. I do understand that they are looking for the “gotcha”, but this is really ridiculous.

This is the same journalists who refused to do the necessary checking on Barry Soetoro aka Øbama. They refused to do the background check. They refused to allow the fact that Soetoro had as a known associate the terrorists William Ayers, and Bernadine Dorhn who were formerly leaders of the Weather Underground movement – they used to bomb people and buildings, and they killed a few cops and other legal people (Ayers has not paid for those crimes). Not only did they refuse to do the proper background check, but they also refused to release a tape of Barry Soetoro praising a jihadist.

They refused to look into the corruption in Chicago, and they helped to cover-up the Chicago scandals involving pay for play in which Barry Soetoro is heavily implicated. 

Yet, they are all in a lather because, OMG Sarah Palin wrote to someone about a tanning bed in the governor’s mansion. (the comments are worth a read on this topic). The funny thing about that tanning bed is that Sarah Palin did not live in the Governor’s mansion whilst she was governor. She lived in her own house.

Oh, and there was an email about Bristol going into labour. I guess the date will just have to be fact-checked by Andrew Sullivan since he is so sure that Trig must be Bristol’s child.

In other words, the emails are extremely trivial, and as others are noting, they are boring. They are most certainly not worth the effort that is currently being undertaken.

These twits who work for the NYSlimes and WAPO should be spending their time checking into what took place in Chicago, and they might like to do some enquiries with Man’s Country, since Barry Soetoro was a regular in that establishment. They might like to do some checking on what really happens in that faux Christian Church run by that racist alleged preacher by the name of Jeremiah Wright, because that church is not Christian by my standards.  They might also want to check out his links to the leaders of the Nation of Islam such as Louis Farrakhan. If that is not enough, they should be checking on how he raised money for his 2008 Presidential run since he broke FEC rules regarding funding and he got overseas donations from the Gaza strip.  All of these things have never made the light of day in the papers of the LSM.

Yet, the LSM wants to spend time on banal emails written by Sarah Palin. How pathetic!!!!


4 responses to “OMG Palin wanted a tanning bed!!!!

  1. Aussie, as I’ve told you, I was raised in Alaska. Having a tanning bed is not unusual up there. Long winters and short (yet spectacular ) summers.


  2. Aussie, I so agree! This fishing expedition by WaPo and NYT is ridiculous, and the gall they have to ask for help from ordinary citizens is unbelievable.

    You are so right about their UTTER LACK of curiosity about the background of Barry and his associates. We must remember something, however. Delving into his history could end up being very dangerous activity! Of course, they could reveal much, but if they were to get too close, people end up dead for less.

    In AZ many years ago the state was riddled with scandal in high up places. There was a very enterprising, courageous reporter who was doing some very serious investigating. Articles were appearing regularly in the largest newspapers, and he was definitely onto something big. One day he died in a “mysterious” car bomb murder. A certain amount of clandestine info had been revealed but not enough to completely clean house. We all mourned the tragedy.


  3. Cabby that reminds me of the female Russian journalist who was killed. Then more recently was the death of a very brave Pakistani journalist (he was a real hero and is a real martyr), who was abducted, tortured and killed.


  4. Paxson, I saw others mentioning that the tanning bed is not unusual in Alaska and I understand why – the need for vitamin D.