OMG – a thief who broke into the governor’s mansion in Alaska and stole a personal journal finds a spelling mistake

This kind of reporting is the most trivial of all reporting. The Daily Caller is running a report that someone broke into the governor’s mansion and stole a personal journal.

Palin wrote “joyus” instead of “joyous”….

Really? That makes here a dummy? Sometimes when we write very fast we leave out a letter here and there. I have noticed that I do the same thing when I am typing, and worst of all, when I make the mistakes I do not pick them up immediately before pushing the publish button.

This kind of “gotcha” is ridiculous. What gets me is that the person broke into the governor’s mansion and stole property belonging to Palin. There is no outcry over those actions, yet there is outcry over a stupid spelling mistake.

It is not like she said “corpse” when it should have been “corps” or like she said that she had visited 57 states and had at least 2 more to go… oh no… that faux pas by the pResident was overlooked!!  Yet that faux is far worse and shows who is the real dummy.


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