Palin emails show a loving mother – OMG how could that woman ever think of being a leader?!!!!!!

The Palins knew before Trig was born that there was something wrong. Even so, Sarah chose not to abort her bundle of joy. Instead, she wrote an email to her family and friends giving them the news in a very Christian way.

Gateway Pundit has the story on the email written by Sarah, and it is one that shows that she accepted her child, and his disabilities without fear.  She also showed a very loving side of her nature.

The atheists on the left cannot tolerate the idea that Sarah refused to have an abortion and do away with a child that has Downs Syndrome. I guess they do not understand the meaning of eugenics and “disability cleansing” which their practices of demanding that people abort such children impose upon others. I guess they have not comprehended that it is their actions that point to them being Nazis since they follow to the letter the Hitler eugenics on children with disability.

As a mother of 3 boys who were born perfect at birth, and a grandmother of a child who was born  5 weeks premature (he will be fine I am sure). I find the attitude of the left to be extremely distasteful.  I will relate here the story of one of my nieces, Cassie, who has had 2 of her children using IVF methods. When children are created that way, there tends to be more scrutiny of the pregnancy via a lot more testing. The little girl had something on her brain when she was born (she is actually fine), and this probably meant that with the next pregnancy the doctors were being more than cautious. Anyway, after screening they claimed that he had birth defects and that he should be aborted. Cassie refused, and she was so afraid of being hounded that she refused to go to her medical appointments until closer to when the baby was due to be born. Well, he was born and guess what – there were no birth defects, not even what they claimed would be there. He was a normal baby.

Sarah Palin is not the one who was pushing for late term abortions where the baby’s head is crushed as it is coming through the birth canal. The one who supports late term abortions is the pResident in the White House. I know who I prefer when it comes to the lives of millions of people.


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