Sarcasm serving a purpose

For those of you who are still reading my posts, you will have noticed that some of them have been quite sarcastic. This is not having a dig at Sarah Palin, but is the opposite. I am having a dig at the LSM who have been combing through 24,000 emails looking for the slightest thing that they can sling against her. One of my posts related to an incident that happened in 2008, and my purpose here was to highlight that the journalist had committed an act of burglary, but instead of facing charges for theft, that person was feted, for ferreting out the most riveting of information, “that Sarah Palin, writing in her own journal (and stolen by the journalist during a break-in at the Alaska governor’s mansion) had managed to misspell the word “joyous”. The mispelling was seized upon by the LSM who then proclaimed her as dumb. Did anyone think that perhaps that the journalist might have been having trouble reading Sarah’s handwriting? Did anyone think that when a woman is pregnant and just after giving birth her brain is like mush, and sometimes the pen is not quite co-ordinated? Spelling mistakes in a personal journal are of no importance at all.

My aim has been to focus instead on the matters that the LSM has failed to dig into, such as the relationship between Østupid and William Ayers the wanted urban terrorist and member of the Weather Underground, who has yet to face questions over the death of a police officer in San Francisco. They also failed to look into what is required with regard to eligibility and here I am talking about the meaning of NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, which requires two parents to be citizens of the USA, not an under-age mother. They also failed to check whether in fact Østupid was in fact the author of “Dreams of my father”, let alone fact check the book. On top of that, they failed to do a background check in Chicago, where this rotten to the core man had been the worst kind of slum lord along with the detestable Valerie Jarrett. They failed to check into his drug habits. They asked no questions about his school records. In fact they simply failed the nation by not doing any of the necessary vetting that all Presidential candidates should receive.

There is no doubt in my mind that the LSM remains afraid of Sarah Palin. I have come to the conclusion that Sarah could beat Østupid in 2012, but someone a RINO candidate such as Mittens, Romney, Tim (oh so boring) Pawlenty or Newt Gingrich could not win. I actually think that Rick Perry and Herman Cain would also have a good chance against Østupid. Jon Huntsman, who is the Republican version of Østupid would be an absolute loser, despite what either the White House or the LSM would imply. However, the LSM want Jon Huntsman to be the candidate because they know that Republicans would become eyeores and refuse to vote if he were the candidate, which would be to the advantage of Østupid.

Sarah is refreshing. Sarah is dedicated. Sarah has that fire in her belly. Sarah can do the job with the help of a good team that does not include Washington elites.


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