Christchurch shaken again

Christchurch, New Zealand has been hit by two more strong earthquakes, both were upgraded, with the second being on a par with the one that hit in February, killing 181 people at the time. This time, one person’s death has been attributed to the quake.

The Age online reports the following information:

1. the strength of the first quake to hit has been upgraded to 5.7 and the second one to 6.0.

2. Once again buildings have been damaged, and there has been more liquefaction after the tremor hit.

3. One elderly man from a rest home has died, and 45 people have been injured as a result of the twin quakes.

4. There have been silt geysers, rock falls, crumbling buildings, and more severe aftershocks.

It must be kept in mind that he earth tremors themselves are nothing new in the region, but the number of sizeable earth tremors since September last year have been frightening. The damage bill is now mounting into the billions.



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