Syria – why the west should not interfere, but the UN should issue a condemnation

The Syrian Asshat regime claims that they are pursuing “armed gangs”. One suspects that those armed gangs are mythical. However, there is always a possibility that there are some Islamists involved in the conflict.

Regardless, the scorched earth policy that is being pursued against the people in the northern part of Syria is unacceptable, and I can think of no reason why the Russians and the Chinese are attempting to block a UN resolution, other than Syria has been their “friend”.  Neither Russia, nor China give a fig for human rights. Their blocking needs to be considered in the light of their activities rather than in the light of the NATO action in Libya. (it is called hypocrisy on the part of both Russia and China).

The big difference between Syria and Libya is that the Libyans in Benghazi actually requested the implementation of a no-fly zone. The other big difference is that from the get go Daffy Duck had used his air force to rain down bombs on the people in Benghazi and other towns, as well as using other heavy military equipment. However, that is where the differences end, and the similarities begin, because Asshat has been using the military against his own people and he has started to use gunships in those far northern towns.

It is difficult for the press to report on what is happening inside of Syria because Asshat has forbidden outside journalists. It means that we are dependent upon eye witnesses who could be biased. Regardless, the stories coming from people who have fled conflict considerably with the official line of “armed gangs”. Amongst those who have fled are army deserters and they tell a tale of military turning upon each other (there are probably more than those 120 who were killed by military personnel rather than the “armed gangs”).

What we are witnessing in Syria with regard to diplomatic efforts in the UN, is exactly what we witnessed in the UN prior to  resolution 1973. In those critical weeks the US had not come on board, Britain and France were doing the pushing to get something done to help the people of Benghazi, whilst Russia and China were adamant about blocking the resolution. In the end the USA came on board, and China, Russia and Germany were amongst those who abstained. As soon as the implementation of the no-fly zone began, which was in the nick of time, Russia and China began their criticism. At no point did they criticize the actions of Daffy Duck, as he was killing civilians in Zawiyah, Brega, Misrata, Benghazi, Zintan and other towns within Libya. They were at the forefront of spreading Daffy propaganda, which was in the course of time proved to be untrue.  Russia and China had ulterior motives in opposing that resolution, just as they have ulterior motions for opposing a resolution that condemns Syria for the same kind of actions.

However, the West should not intervene militarily for the simple reason the people have not asked for the intervention. On the other hand, Turkey has an interest because refugees are pouring over the border and into Turkey. This means that there is a very real possibility that another country will end up with boots on the ground in Syria (other than Iran which is already helping Asshat).




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