Noose tightens around Eric Holder’s neck

Ulsterman reports on the Darrell Issa Congressional hearings that are presently under way regarding Project Gunrunner.

The issue is the obstruction of justice by the Justice Department at the behest of Eric Holder. The subject of the inquiry is the sale of guns in 2009 that ended up in the hands of Mexican drugs cartels, and that were used against US law enforcement; it includes an inquiry into the death of agent Brian Terry who was killed by one of those guns.

During the first day of hearings the following phrases were mentioned: “cover-up”; “Watergate”; “Iran contra” with a table of real Constitutional scholars agreeing that the Regime’s DOJ was in violation of the right of Congress to make applicable requests for information.

Keep in mind that Eric Holder testified before Congress that he knew nothing of “Project Gunrunner”. If this was testimony under oath then you have the Bill Clinton situation that brought about Clinton’s impeachment in the Congress. This is a situation where it appears that perjury has been committed by an officer of the White House regime.

If ultimately it is proved that Eric Holder knew about Project Gunrunner and gave it the go ahead, on orders from someone higher up, then he will be gone because of that proven perjury (and it could not happen to a nicer, racist person).


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