Chris Christie and John Bolton

I am not a fan of Chris Christie, and yes I do believe that it would be wrong for him to jump into the Presidential race – he might be more suitable in 2016 when there has been enough time to judge his record in New Jersey. I have qualms about his attitude regarding the GZVM and trust me that is one very big reason to say no to Christie. However, on foreign relations, I have to give Chris Christie the thumbs up. The Daily Caller has an article on Chris Christie that covers how he would handle certain foreign relations issues, and I do believe that he gave the correct answers (from my foreign point of view). It was realistic, which is a far cry from the isolationist views of the libertarian candidates.

The other person mentioned in the Daily Caller article is John Bolton. He is still thinking of jumping in to the race. His comments regarding the CNN debate were interesting as well because he pointed out that the pundits in charge of the debate were not really serious with their questions.

There is certainly room for thought after reading this article, please read the whole thing.


2 responses to “Chris Christie and John Bolton

  1. I’m not isolationist, I’m a realist…

    But truth be known, this current administration has screwed up our economy, national defense, diplomacy, et’al so badly: The only real hope we have of recovering as a Nation is to go behind our own Red, White, and Blue velvet covered iron curtain for about a decade just to repair our own infrastructure and national sustainability.


  2. Unfortunately, thanks to the way that the world economy has been devolving I doubt it can happen.

    The USA is extremely vulnerable on those borders. I see trouble ahead for most economies in the world, including China.

    What is needed is someone who is strong, and can handle the big stick without necessarily using that stick. In other words the cold war diplomacy worked very well to deter what is happening right now.

    Australia is also being overstretched. We have a small armed services contingent, yet we are in Afghanistan and we were in Iraq. We also pulled duty in East Timor and our police are in Fiji. We also take on other peacekeeping roles especially in the Middle East.

    Like the USA we have a big spending government that has plunged us into unnecessary debt.