Eton College a target for Al Qaeda

I am certain everyone knows about Eton in the United Kingdom. It is the rich boys school. I am also certain that everyone knows the Ritz Hotel in London. What have these two locations in common?

The senior AQ East Africa figure killed last week had plans on his body that indicated that both Eton College and the Ritz Hotel are to be targets for an Al Qaeda attack.

Fazul Adbullah Mohammed was on America’s most wanted list. He was implicated in the bombing of the Paradise Hotel in Mombasa, as well as being wanted for other bombings in the region. He was a skilled forger, and had evaded American authorities for 13 years.

He met his end when the car in which he was travelling failed to stop at a checkpoint in  Mogadishu Somalia. The troops opened fire when the car failed to stop at the roadblock. At first they had no idea that they had killed such a prize, and they had buried him unceremoniously. They had to exhume his body for DNA tests when his papers revealed his probably identity.

Now if only the authorities could get Anwar al-Awlaki (and do not bring up that he is an American citizen, he is a cold blooded murderer), as well as Zawahri and that will put a lot of pressure on the ever dwindling top leadership of AQ.



One response to “Eton College a target for Al Qaeda

  1. Just think… How many islamofascists do we have in the US on Student Vistas? It boggles the mind….