From an ex-Soviet, now American citizen

This piece has been written by a woman who was brought up in the Soviet Union, and who is now a proud citizen of the USA that I read at American Thinker. There are many interesting points that she makes, especially about the totalitarian style of Govt. that Østupid wants to introduce into the USA. It is well worth reading the whole article. The money quote is the following:

When candidate Obama showed up, I realized that I had heard his typical stump speech every single day of my old Soviet life from big and small Communist party bosses — the same structure, the same cadences, the same bogeymen, the same demagoguery, the same targets. The American people had no defense against this rhetoric. The result of the elections was totally predictable. To me it was a “Back to the Future” moment.

Imagine you are having a terrible nightmare. Just as you are about to suffer torture or certain death, you wake up and realize the sun is shining, your family is peacefully sleeping, and everything is in place. After enjoying a few blissful moments, you turn your head and see that hideous monster from your dream coming after you for real. This image described the trajectory of my life perfectly. Running from Communism, finding the safe haven and a new life, and now to have the same wrecking crew coming even here?


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  1. “BUt…But…But…. We’re an enlightened society, we can make Communism and Marxism work… It is the most fair form of government for our evolved society…”

    Any willfully ignorant emotional knee jerk ideological blinded Progressive or Liberal


  2. I saw my first grandchild (grandson) on Saturday. He is premature, and quite small compared to my own children when they were born, but he is big compared to other premature babies born at the same stage. He was more than 3kg (6lbs) at birth. Imagine if he had gone to full term :). It was an instruments birth and the poor little thing is very bruised around the face.

    He was born at the RPA in Sydney, which is a really great hospital to have a baby. It is attached to the University of Sydney, and is a teaching hospital. There were a few problems, including the jaundice, and a difficulty with breathing and feeding. He has a tube for feeding attached.

    When we were there a midwife from the hospital came to visit, bringing the scales to weigh him and checking his reflexes. He got full marks for the reflexes.

    Two funny things: he is now the youngest St.Kilda supporter :)…. I have a growing army of St.Kilda supporters which is a far cry from when I was growing up. Plus he seems to enjoy the music of the Rolling Stones…. LOL… but it is true… I saw his head moving to the music, which was Satisfaction.

    I will be doing some more posts on Libya but they will be on my alternative blog. I have just seen an article that raises some questions about the number of people in Tripoli killed, not by NATO, but by Gadhafi on February 20. The estimate in Tripoli alone is more than 500 dead on that one day. If you want you can read the alternative site which is in my links.


  3. Congratulations, Aussie.


  4. I put up a post here:

    You can discuss the issue on this blog if you want. Basically, I am shocked that some people could not see the bleeding obvious – we are classified as Anglo-Saxon, so one would expect that there is a common gene… it really is a very duh article. Of course in my own case I have that little bit extra of the Saxony because my great-grandfather was born in Saxony!!!


  5. So happy for you Aussie. Male children are rare in my family. I have 4 daughters, 5 grand daughters, and 2 grand sons. I love them all dearly, but there seems to be a special bond with my grandsons. They seem to be especially caring of me (the old lady).


  6. Who is Saint Kilda?


  7. Sue, St.Kilda is the AFL football team that I have followed for more than 50 years 🙂

    I have 3 sons, no daughters but my sisters had the daughters. There is quite a mixture amongst my nieces, so no shortage of nephews. My sons were the only grandsons on my side of the family. My husbands sisters have had the girls 🙂


  8. Aussie, happy to hear that your new grandson has blessed your family! You should be very proud and grateful for him, and I know that you are! Hope all continues to go well.


  9. Hi Aussie!

    Congrats on your new grandbaby!!!! They are so grand….I love being a nana.

    Have not posted much in awhile. Kind of in a funk and I had to purchase a new computer…..Just now getting caught up and aquainted with new computer.


  10. We discussed what we would be called and I have opted for nana (of course).

    The hard part for me is living so far away from the family, which means I have very little contact. However, Steph’s mother is on hand, and she is a nurse working at the children’s hospital, which is really good news!!

    I am still having fits of laughter over watching his head moving when the Stone’s were singing “Satisfaction”. It was slight but it was obvious, and not only that he had done the same thing when another Stones song had been on the air.

    BTW I am also in a bit of a funk, but that is because it is so darned cold over here. We have just had the ash from the Chile volcano moving overhead and it closed down the air traffic for a few days.