Attempted home invasion – Joss Stone

A story that has been making headlines is the attempted home invasion against the young female singer Joss Stone. I plead ignorance, because I had never heard this girl sing before now. The story at the Sydney Morning Herald gave a little bit of background on this singer. I picked up that she is part of the band that Mick Jagger has put together called Super Heavy (no music released at the present time). Again I plead ignorance because I had not heard of the project until now.

So I went to Youtube to find out about Joss Stone and what she sounded like. I simply love her style of music. You can forget Adele, she is an absolute lightweight like Justin Bieber. This girl has a big voice, just like Cilla Black, but she has a more soulful voice as well. I started with “Son of a Preacher Man”… move over Dusty Springfield….

then I watched her performing with a variety of artists including James Brown, Rod Stewart, Tom Jones, plus a tribute to Aretha Franklin:

She also sang with Jeff Beck (his guitar work is great), and then there is the tribute to Janis Joplin (I am not a Joplin fan). The curious thing is the connection with Mick Jagger. She worked with Jagger on the sound track of the 2004 film which was the remake of Alfie with Jude Law. This is roughly when her career began (that was 8 years ago and she is now 24).

It seems that England produces some really excellent talent. Another young woman by the name of Sam Crane heads up a duo called SoulFire. I discovered them on a cruise last November/December when we went to New Zealand. I confess I belong to the Australian Soulfire stalkers club :). It seems that on each cruise there was a core group of people who turned up every time Sam was singing :). The “stalkers” are from Melbourne, and they proudly call themselves stalkers, because we went from the Atrium to the other lounges where they were singing. Sam is an undiscovered blues singer. Her best songs in my opinion were “Summertime” and “Fever”. She was absolutely brilliant singing both songs. On our cruise we introduced her to singing “Shout” and again she is brilliant with this song, and gives it her own flavour. 

Needless to say, I am glad that the two men were discovered before they could do any harm to Joss Stone.


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