The Jon Huntsman edition

Now I am not blaming the Daily Caller over this one, because they are only repeating DNC talking points. However, it looks like the DNC are attempting to push the extra-RINO Jon Huntsman as their preferred candidate for the Republican Party. I think that you have found the stalking horse, the person who is really supposed to give Østupid his second term – Jon Huntsman.

The DNC talking points are just absolutely ridiculous when it comes to Jon Huntsman. Who are they trying to kid by putting on the act and claiming that this RINO has gone conservative. What a load of twaddle.

But on Monday, Wayne Holland, chair of the Utah Democratic Party, held a conference call in which he said the he was “disappointed” in Huntsman’s flip from moderate Republican to “pandering” conservative.

“Utahans have long appreciated and supported mainstream moderate leaders regardless of party affiliation, who make tough choices and speak their minds,” said Holland. “For many years, Jon Huntsman was a leader like that; one that many of us can respect. But the Jon Huntsman announcing his candidacy tomorrow isn’t the Jon Huntsman Utahans have known

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You all have your own criteria for choosing the appropriate candidate, but to me, one of the most important is the Green agenda. Huntsman, like Romney is one of those people who follow the Green agenda. Anyone who claims that globull warming is real is in my view a person who is not the most viable candidate. Such a person is not to be trusted. This includes both Romney and Gingrich. This particular agenda is tied up with Agenda 21, which is actually a world-wide agenda for the redistribution of income.

Also, I think that the DNC are being phony on the subject of Huntsman. It seems obvious that they want to push him as the candidate because he is the one most like to lose to Østupid, whereas Romney has a slightly better chance of winning.  (they will not push Romney, but they are prepared to push Huntsman. It is a good time to ask why). We actually know that the person they really fear is Sarah Palin.




Michelle Malkin has some articles on Jon Huntsman (who is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints (LDS)) which you might find interesting because it exposes some of the very reasons why this man is nothing more than a front for Østupid.

Apparently Huntsman is intending to run a bland campaign (boring!! with mayonnaise on top). However, it is what else is in the details that is of much more interest. Who is supporting the Mormon Huntsman over the Mormon, Mitt Romney? Why extreme left Mormon, Harry Reid, of course!!! WTF?

If Huntsman was the conservative person as he claims, then he would not be supported by Harry Reid. This is a very big red flag, and yes more investigation is needed about this person. He does not sound like someone fit to be POTUS – not if you want to get govt debt under control.




HotAir has the facts regarding the association between Harry Reid and Jon Huntsman – political donations.

According to this post at HotAir, the Huntsman family donated $25,000 to the Harry Reid coffers for the last election cycle.

It would seem obvious that Huntsman is not what he seems when it comes to being conservative. His family ties to Harry Reid is definitely a big red flag. It does not matter that he has personally not made a donation. What matters is his views on a variety of subjects including that of scamming people over the non-critical climate change.


3 responses to “The Jon Huntsman edition

  1. I should have pointed out that the MSM are really pushing Jon Huntsman. Even in Australia, the press here are full of Jon Huntsman.

    I think that this is a good indication that he is the candidate that the LSM wants to run against Østupid and he is probably the one they think cannot beat Østupid.

    It is the opposite with Sarah Palin, because they really do hate her, and they have been trying to destroy since August 2008 (without much success).

    I have just been reading an article at Legal Insurrection on the possible candidacy of Rick Perry. I actually think that Perry would be the best of the field that have jumped in so far (except that Perry has not announced). This is because he has the credentials of being a long term governor in a state that has been prosperous. There are obviously some issues regarding things like Gardisil, but I have to tell you that this happened around the world and was not unique to Texas. Here in Australia, and in the UK the vaccination was compulsory. The only thing I do not understand is why on earth a school would not admit a female student if she did not have the vaccination because you do not get an STD or genital warts (which is what Gardisil actually vaccinates against) by passing a pencil to each other. In the comments someone mentioned meningitis, but over here it is meningoccal disease that is the killer, and yes there is a vaccination available.


  2. Aussie, somewhere I read that we as conservatives should keep an eye on the LSM when it comes to the 2012 presidential election. Any Repub that they are pushing is probably the one that we should NOT vote for, and, likewise, the one(s) that they are attacking the most and trying to decimate are the most conservative and the best candidates from our perspective.

    Sadly, one of the main reasons that we have the Usurper in office now is because of an extremely biased press that did nothing to vet him. Of course, there were other factors also.


  3. Cabby I noted this morning that Lynne Rothschild has raised more than $1 million for Huntsman.

    I have no idea why they think that Huntsman is better than Østupid, because with his green credentials I see him as the same thing. I do not believe that Huntsman was a conservative… the way that the press are pushing him it sounds like a set up.

    Whatever the reason the LSM want Huntsman to be the candidate. To me that sounds like he most definitely is not the right person.

    If Sarah Palin does not announce and Rick Perry decides to jump in, then I would see myself having a much harder look at Rick Perry.