HotAir has the story, or should I say the commentary. I know that the USA has some very strict rules about funding. This should include not holding fundraisers in the White House.

A meeting President Barack Obama hosted in the White House for his key political backers from Wall Street is under fire from good government advocates and a Bush administration ethics official who say the session appeared to bring activity related to campaign fundraising onto White House grounds.

White House spokesmen say the March 7 meeting in the Blue Room between Obama and about 20 Wall Street executives involved discussion of policies affecting the financial industry. However, the gathering, which was first reported last week by The New York Times, has drawn scrutiny and criticism because the Democratic National Committee extended invitations to the session.

If the invitations had come directly from Obama’s staff, or from his economic advisers, this probably would have passed without notice. It’s hardly the first time Wall St. moguls have stopped by to pay a visit at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. But once you drag the DNC into the mix and find out that these are some of the same “fat cats” being lobbied for 2012 campaign donations, the situation gets messy. As Bush staffer Richard Painter notes, it raises questions as to whether or not such a meeting violates “the spirit, if not the letter,” of the Hatch Act.

This sounds something that should lead to impeachment, or at least another reason for impeachment, under the heading of high crimes and misdemeanors, namely the violating of the Hatch Act.



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