Syria Watch

The situation in Syria remains critical. However, it is the Turkey-Syria that is a major concern. First of all, kudos to the Turks because they have responded to needs of thousands of Syrian refugees. They deserve praise for the professional way that they are handling the crisis on their own doorstep. Second, and this is very important, there is still talk of possible Turkish intervention across the border in order to establish a safe zone for the refugees. This is critical because the Asshat thugs are killing a lot of people, setting fire to the village crops and shops and are causing complete devastation in the north of Syria. This is extremely unacceptable by any standard. What is the most critical, is that if the Turkish army does cross the border, Asshat is threatening the use of missiles.

According to this article at Big Peace, the US has moved the USS Bataan near Syria, so that if Asshat dares to fire missiles at Turkey, the USA will provide some kind of defense shield.

If you are worried about the non-action by the USA in Libya, then you should be more worried about this little event that is not exactly being reported in the LSM. If this happens then the USA will be more directly involved than in Libya and once again there will be no going to Congress.

The Middle East is rapidly turning into an extremely hot spot, and it seems to me that the White House has been behind a lot of the trouble. There are elements in the Syrian opposition that I do not trust. Likewise, there remain elements in Egypt that make me shudder. The same is true in Yemen, and I hope that we are not supporting those elements. Similar elements exist in Tunisia, and they are waiting for an opportunity to strike and take power. I do not trust the opposition in Jordan, especially when king Abdallah has been a very western friendly person. In some of these countries it is in fact Shiite vs. Sunni, and I simply do not trust the Shiites in those countries. On top of that Iraq remains a festering boil with the constant bombings and killings carried out by forces opposed to good governance and probably Moqtada loyalists to boot.  Not since Carter was in charge has the world looked this bad.


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