Beaten over the head with a wet noodle

The BBC reports that the House has delivered a rebuke over the continuing Libyan effort.

I must admit that on this one I agree with Steny Hoyer. What I think should have happened is that the House should have sent forward another stinging rebuke to the White House over the arrogance that has been displayed, but they should not cut funding, and they should be careful about delivering the wrong message to Gadhafi.

All of the human rights abuses in Libya have been committed by Gadhafi. This of course, does not mean that there has been nothing wrong on the other side, because someone or a group of people have in fact committed murder, and they must be caught as well. However, that might have to wait for now.

My major concern is not Benghazi which has remained relatively safe, but Misrata, which has endured the bulk of the Gadhafi fury. The mere fact that the harbour was mined, and that there had been daily bombardments and sniper attacks in Misrata means that Gadhafi has committed the most heinous of war crimes (excluding the rapes).

If Gadhafi is not stopped, then signals are being sent to other ME countries that they can now do the same without impunity. Is that what the American population really believes.

I do share the concerns about the presence of Islamists in the ranks of the opposition to Gadhafi, yet I see no evidence that they are the majority of those opposed, and on top of that I see no evidence of any overwhelming desire to impose Sharia upon the population once this is over. Since the NTC have already declared that they are pro-Western I continue to give them the benefit of the doubt with regard to their intentions.

I can only hope that the House vote does not give Gadhafi any form of confidence to continue his murder spree.

Question: Do you approve or disapprove of the use of rockets packed with ball-bearings being fired upon civilians in Misrata?


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