It’s too late – LA Times on Egypt

Actually, the LA Times did not say it was too late, but I am saying it, because the activists in Egypt have been played like a fiddle. This is what a lot of us were saying in the first place when the protests began in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood started in Egypt in the 1920s and their aim at that time was the Islamisation of Egypt. That aim has never changed.

However, the more secular protesters failed to see that the MB were waiting for an opportunity to win in the political sphere. They were being kept back by Hosni Muburak, which explains why they want to see him punished, as a matter of urgency. In the meantime those same protesters failed to see the danger of allowing MB to fill the void.

A lot of us on the internet have been echoing the same caution in other countries such as Yemen, Syria, Libya and Tunisia. What do any of us know about these opposition forces? AQ is looking for an opportunity to take over in Tunisia and Yemen. At least in Libya AQ is not the strongest in the opposition parties. However, we will not know for sure until Gadhafi leaves or is arrested and the NTC has the opportunity to help renew Libya. At least in their case I am hopeful that there will be a pro-Western government. I am also hoping that they will reform their economy to allow free market forces.  Already in Libya we see the results of the Gadhafi planned economy because the hospitals in Benghazi are once again running out of medical supplies, including critical anti-cancer medications.


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