Heads Up

The Daily Caller has a report that there is a possibility that the Congressional Ethics Committee is to have another look at Jesse Jackson Jr. in the light of the Blago trial conviction. If he is found guilty of an ethics violation this will be justice, but then what will be the punishment?

More important is the possible pressure that is being placed upon the White House, because quite frankly the whole mess goes back to one person and that person is not Blagojavich, who has just been screwed by Østupid and those who are protecting the most corrupt individual to hold the position of POTUS (a most unworthy person to boot)


2 responses to “Heads Up

  1. This is all so bizarre. How can a crime – which by definition requires two people – end up with a conviction for only the one? Who was on the other end? Multiple people? All guilty? At least the one who was the “lead negotiator”, surely. The f-ck-ng FBI has the tapes – they know the answer to this!


  2. Correct, they do know the answer, and I think I know the answer because I have no reason to doubt that the other conspirator was Østupid.

    It is probable that the tapes catch Rahm Emmanuel. However, it might be interesting to see if Rahm does anything to spike his former boss (which is possible depending upon the fallout).

    The next case is that of Cellini. Also there has been no sentencing of Tony Rezko. That is what is really strange. On top of that why is it that Rezko did not take the stand in this case? What was Rezko likely to say that caused the judge to keep him off the stand?

    Everything still ties back to the one person, but they seem afraid to go after him. Are they really being cowardly? Or…. is this because they are all involved in the plot to take over the USA by the usurper?