More ethics violations

I am not referring to Sarah Palin and those false claims of ethics violations. I am referring to the person who really does cause ethics violations from the time when he campaigned to 2008 right through to the present day. I am talking about the most corrupt politician in the USA today, and yes he is defintely more corrupt than Richard Nixon (who, in my view was not corrupt anyway).

He is still adding to the list of crimes and allegations against him, and it was not enough that he refused to go to Congress to discuss possible necessary actions in Libya. It is not enough that he has issued a fraudulent birth certificate (sheesh, I accept that he was born in Hawaii, but that certificate that he furnished is a fake) probably because the real certificate has been amended because of the Indonesian adoption.

The latest ethics violation (of which there are hundreds) relates to the use of the White House for fundraising relating to his belief that he can retain his position as POTUS (fat chance on that buddy boy). I am of course talking about none other than that dopey, unintelligent, dithering and stupid individual who is currently the POTUS.

This is the man who got his knickers in a twist over the outcome of the Citizens United case – you know the one that acknowledges the right to free speech. To refresh your memory, the group that goes under the name of Citizens United produced an anti-Hillary Clinton video. The issue that was brought to court related to the showing of the video during a time when it could influence the outcome of elections. The question arose because of the manner of the funding of the video, and the fact that it was produced by a “corporation” or something along those lines. The Supreme Court struck down a provision of the McCain-Feingold legislation that affected the rights of corporations in the USA with regard to campaign funding. It did not strike down the restrictions on overseas entities since they are correctly banned from funding any candidate. The Supreme Court saw the provision as something that chilled free speech. 

This is also the man who received donations from overseas (even though it is forbidden) and in particular from residents of the Gaza strip. This money was hidden from sight by the use of bundlers who used names out of the American telephone books to hide the real source of the donations from the FEC. At least Hillary returned donations that had come from overseas sources, but Østupid has not returned that money, and as we all know he has been pushing Israel in favour of the residents of the Gaza strip – perhaps he wants those same residents to give him more money which would explain some of his more recent manouvers. This is one extremely evil and slick individual.


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