What were they trying to achieve?

The news reports regarding the attack on the Intercontinental hotel in Kabul are still coming. There are lots of details available about what took place. All reports emphasize that the Taliban were exaggerating when they made claims about deaths and hostages associated with the attack. One report claimed that the Afghan military handled the attack, but now it seems that this report was also wrong with regard to some detail because a few New Zealand special forces commandos were wounded in the response to the attack, accord to the Australian ABC news report.

When I heard about the attack, and began reading the details I was immediately reminded of the Mumbai massacre and the attacks on the hotels in that city. Sure enough, this was a thought confirmed by later reports, because it has also been claimed that it was a group from Pakistan associated with the Afghan Taliban that staged the attack. (I did see the name of the group, and I think they might be protected by the ISI but not sure).

Considering the fact that there have been efforts to negotiate with the Taliban so that there will be an end to the terror and the conflict, I am at a loss to understand why this attack has taken place. What are they trying to achieve? They claim that they are upset with the western forces that are present in Afghanistan, and they bellyache about “Muslims being killed”, yet the Taliban are the bigger killers of Muslims in Afghanistan. Not one of the special forces are there to specifically engage in armed conflict. They have a role which will involve a firefight or two, but they are not there to kill Muslims!!!  If the Taliban want NATO forces to leave then they need to stop the attacks on civilians.

As I see it, the Taliban want to gain power again. I cannot remember how they managed to get power in the first place, but when they did they commenced a reign of terror. Most Afghanis do not want the Taliban style of rule, but as is the case in any Muslim country the fanatics seem to win the argument, and eventually the moderate folk will join in because they have somehow been turned.  Afghanistan under Taliban rule was a real hell-hole, and in particular it was bad for women. Their hospitals, that allowed women to give birth in modern surroundings were destroyed. Women were not allowed to be doctors or lawyers, or teachers for that matter. Any woman showing the smallest possible amount of skin was beaten by the Taliban goons. Many were thrown into jail where they were raped by their captors. Women were the big losers when the Taliban were in power, and wherever the Taliban are present they cause fear – throwing acid in the faces of young girls, and killing male teachers because their students are female. They provide nothing more than a reign of terror.

The announcement of the draw down of American troops has already proved to be a disaster. Rather than being a positive change in Afghanistan, it has been negative, inviting this renewed round of terrorism that is directed at everyone.


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