The French arms drop in Libya

Like a lot of people, I am uncomfortable with the supply of arms to the people of Libya. It is with consternation that I read about the arms drop in the Western mountains. Uppermost in my mind is the possibility of the weapons falling into the hands of Al Qaeda. Yes, I do believe that is a possible reason for concern. However, I had already read reports that indicated that the people of the Western mountains are not associated with Al Qaeda, and here is the reason why: they are Berbers. One of the “commanders” has already put in place a policy that all weapons distributed are kept in a log, and the people must account for those weapons. He sounds like a very responsible individual… actually he is a builder by trade.

The fact that they are an ethnic minority makes little sense to western people in the USA and Australia, unless of course you do the research on the Berbers, and the way that Gadhafi had been suppressing them for the past 40 or more years.

I will be doing research on the Berbers of Libya to see what I can find about them. The first site that I have reached has some interesting commentary, and I want to take the time to read and absorb that information. I will then post on my alternative site.

Libya is a country that is made up of tribes, and it is difficult understanding the structure of the tribes. One of them, the Warfasalia (sp) started with the rebellion and then switched sides. If their leaders decided to switch again then that would be a game changer. The Warfarsalia seems to be from around Tripoli. It is not the same tribe as that of Gadhafi though, which is the one that comes from around Sirte.  The other tribes, including the Berbers, have more or less come together to oust the man that they all detest.

From what I have been reading, this is not about any Arab spring, it is about getting rid of a man who is hated, one who has suppressed the minority Berbers by banning their language. He is also hated because of the brutral suppressions in the past. This explains the concentration of feeling in Zintan, Benghazi and in the western mountains. On top of that there is resentment that Gadhafi forced communism upon the people, without their consent. Many of the entrepreneurs in Libya, and especially in Benghazi had their businesses stolen from them. This is the major cause of resentment. On top of that the story coming out of the Benghazi hospitals also highlights yet another failure of the Libyan regime, being that all medical supplies are held in Tripoli. This has led to the critical shortage of anti-cancer medications for critically ill children, as well as shortages of supplies essential for operations and patching up the wounded.

I am writing this here to express my concern about the weapons drop, but also to state that I understand that the French want a result, and they hope that the weapons drop will help the western front reach Tripoli. Something has to give very soon. Gadhafi cannot last for too much longer with all of those defections.


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