Thadeus Cotter edition

There are rumblings that the Michigan Republican Congressman Thadeus Cotter is about to initiate a challenge for the Presidency.

I am going to plead ignorance (not saying what I do know) about the man, and request your opinions. What do you know about him? What is his ideology? What is his Congressional record? What is his background? Is he seen as being conservative enough? Is he likely to be someone who will offer more of the same?

Whoever becomes the candidate needs to be someone who means business and who will not tolerate the green nonsense about climate change. It must be a person who will not circumvent the Congress by appointing czars, or getting the USA involved in military action without first going to Congress to get approval for any proposed action. It must be a person who is willing to negotiate. It also must be a person who is not corrupt.. oh yes… and he or she needs to meet the Constitutional requirements for POTUS – that excludes both Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal from the race.


2 responses to “Thadeus Cotter edition

  1. Here’s a site that lists the voting record of all major positions by state. As near as I can tell, McCotter talks a good talk but his voting record is NOT consistently conservative.


  2. More on McCotter…he’s been quiet under the radar and the more I learn, the more his voting record makes him a big NO! in this conservative’s book!