The only other kind of bomber in the USA

First of all, I continue to dispute that the OKC bomber belonged to the right of politics. It is possible to be a Republican and be left-wing. Also, in that case we are still waiting for someone to do something about John Doe #3 who is Hussein al-Husseini. In other words, I am disregarding the right-wing label that is attached to the people involved.

However, this is about another person and frankly I know nothing about her crimes, except what is written in the article in the Daily Caller, which does not mention why she was captured, tried and jailed, and that she was/is a Marxist. The woman was given parole by Eric Holder, even though she was not eligible until 2018. The excuse about getting a degree behind bars is not evidence that she has changed her stance.

If you know anything about the woman, and her case, please chime in… she is not one that I remember hearing about in Australia… but I am very familiar with the stuff about the Weather Underground and the Sybionese (sp) Liberation Army, as well as the kidnap of  Patricia Hearst, and the fact that they trained a gun on her when she was involved in a bank robbery.


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