I wonder if the windows rattled and the bed moved again

It seems that my home town of Melbourne, Australia has had another earth tremor. The epicentre was Korumburra and it was felt in the inner part of Melbourne as well as the south east of the state. There have been two after shocks since the first tremor was felt yesterday.  The tremor was felt close to the area where I grew up and looking at the google map in the news report, I do find it odd that it was felt in Mordialloc but not Highett :).

The news report, which can be read here, claims that a volcano is due to blow. It has been 5000 years since there was volcanic activity in the region, which was a volcano in South Australia, not Victoria. I do not know if this is just scaremongering or not, so will just keep watching for reports.

However, I have another reason for making a comment on the matter (read my headline). Many moons ago, when I was about 16 years old, I experienced the effects of an earth tremor. I had just gone to bed, and had turned out the light, when I heard an explosion, followed by the rattling of my bedroom window, and the floor beneath my bed began to move. It was not scary but I cannot say that I enjoyed the sensation either. The rest of this little saga is quite funny because at the time I thought that it was the gas hot water service that had exploded (funny how that works at such times). I called out to the family who were still up and watching TV. My sister contacted my grandmother who lived a few streets away from us, and she asked “did you shake?”.  The next morning we learned that there had been an earth tremor. This was followed up by two after shocks a few weeks apart. The most hilarious would have to be the one that hit when I was at school. I heard an explosion again and there was a bit of rattling. My reaction? Well my classroom just happened to be above the chemistry lab… guess what I thought :).

Like New Zealand, Australia has these earth tremors from time to time. Most of them are not serious. The last one that had tragic consequences was in Newcastle on December 26 1989. I know the date because we were in the process of moving house in Townsville, and I had just taken my cat to the cattery for them to house him and then send him to Canberra, as he was to wait for our return to Canberra (we had a week long road trip). On the way back to the house I heard the news on the radio. This directly affected my husband’s family, although no one was actually hurt, but instead they helped with the rescue operation.

What is different about the report that I have linked is the mention of volcanoes. Quite frankly I had always been taught that we had volcanoes that are extinct. Yet now they are talking about the possibility of an eruption? We shall see… I just wonder if this is a report that is nothing more than scaremongering.. after all they scaremongers are not winning the global warming b.s.


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  1. Thought you might enjoy this, Aussie. The video and audio is stunning!