Building a strong case against Eric Holder

If ever a man deserved to be called sleazy and a scumbag, then Eric Holder is the man. James Simpson from reports on the conference sponsored by Eric Kincaid. There is an incredible amount of detail and there is no doubt in my mind that Eric Holder should be forced to resign as Attorney General. Some of the information relates to old material (and I have been aware of some of the things brought up regarding Holder). The evidence against Holder is very strong. He should be in prison.

The old material includes Holder’s involvement with the pardon given to the sleazebag Marc Rich. However, that one is the tip of the iceberg in my opinion, because it is the other pardons and releases that he worked towards that are very alarming. The most recent of those releases involved the former Weather Underground terrorist, the late Marilyn Buck (at least she really did have cancer and she died as a result of her cancer not long after her release). However, it is the ties to terrorism that are of real interest.

When Eric Holder was the Attorney General under President Bill Clinton, he worked at releasing a number of terrorists and he has done the same under Østupid. Incredibly, the link between these Presidents and the releases, is that the people released belonged to the Weather Underground. What is the connection? He also worked at releasing members of the terrorist organization FALN. Again, what is the connection?

Rather than posting the significant amount of detail that is available from this one conference on Eric Holder, I ask that you click the link and read it for yourself. I will offer a small snippet of the case regarding Holder’s corruption:

Holder obtained these pardons over the vehement objections of career Justice Department officials, federal, state and local law enforcement. He didn’t even ask the victims. He was also instrumental in Clinton’s pardon of Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground terrorist buddies, Susan Rosenberg and Linda Evans, and corrupt billionaire Marc Rich – indicted for the largest tax fraud case in history. As Attorney General for President Obama, he commuted the sentence of Weather Underground/Black Liberation Army member, Marilyn Buck, as well as seeing to the early release of FALN co-founder, Carlos Torres.

When questioned by the U.S. Senate about the FALN terrorists’ release, Holder claimed to know little about the group, but told Senators that he knew enough to recommend their pardon anyway. As Kolb’s report reveals, however, Holder knew a lot. In fact it is not a stretch to say that He was literally obsessed with the release of the FALN and Weather Underground prisoners.

Now, if you add to this list the way in which he worked to get the Black Panther case dismissed, and he probably had something to do with the burying of the information on John Doe #3 in regard to the Oklahoma City bombing, one has to seriously question Eric Holder’s loyalties. The fact that he was chosen by Østupid to be his Attorney General is very telling. It leaves open the question of whether or not Østupid has directed Holder in regard to the Black Panther case, as well as what might have been directed about project Fast and Furious.

It is the obvious relationship to Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground that really sticks out like a sore thumb. It is a very strong relationship, and I think that there should be a lot more questions being asked.

It is not just Holder who has the relationship with the Weather Underground. There is a link between Ann Dunham, Peter Geithner, Timothy Geithner, Østupid, and William Ayers plus Bernadine Dorhn. It is called Chicago.  However, what if Østupid had come across Ayers and Dorhn when he first went to New York? What if he had indeed become a member of the Weather Underground? Also, what about Eric Holder? Was he a former member of the original Black Panthers? Why did he work so hard to get those convicted terrorists freed and pardoned?

I just saw how the whole thing gets even worse than I imagined: the mother of Carlos Torres, Alejandrina Torres, had been convicted along with her son, and she was released by Holder. Alejandrina Torres was given an award by the non-Christian United Church of Christ in Chicago (the one headed by the Muslim pretending to be a Christian, Jeremiah Wright). Hmm… there seems to be yet another strong connection between Jeremiah Wright, Eric Holder, Østupid and real terrorism (not the make-believe terrorism). I wonder when the LSM will discover these unsavoury connections. More to the point, when will the LSM care sufficiently about the USA to report the truth?




2 responses to “Building a strong case against Eric Holder

  1. The whole cabal are insidious. What’s worse is that they are protected by the media in our country. It’s like the Twilight Zone.


  2. Oh I agree with you… completely agree with regard to the insidious nature of the cabal.