Fast and Furious – did you know about the July 4 testimony?

American Thinker has the story on this one, and it is very, very interesting. Darrell Issa now has very direct evidence that the DOJ has been involved in an attempt to cover-up for those involved in the scandal. The head of BATF, Melman, testified on July 4. This is despite the efforts of the DOJ to stonewall any testimony, and despite the DOJ attempting to stifle any attempt to get hold of a variety of documents associated with the scandal.

This is huge because the testimony leads very much to the conclusion that Eric Holder lied to those investigating the matter. Since there is mounting evidence that Eric Holder lied, it could also lead to none other than the pResident in the White House having had the last word on what was taking place… and why it was taking place.

Melman chose to come forward to the committee and give his testimony. There had been a little bit of shennanigans with Patrick Leahy attempting to roll Issa and other committee members and get them to clear some Østupid appointments. It looks like Patrick Leahy and the DOJ have been foiled because there was a little known clause that allows for an official to step forward to testify using his own lawyer, rather than the department lawyer. This is what Melman did in order to get his testimony moving. The department had been deliberately preventing him from testifying about what he knew.

Please take the time to read the article at the American Thinker. This scandal could be the one that has legs, and it really looks like the fingers will continue to point in one direction. Someone better check his diapers……….


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