Another volcano about to blow

This time it is not scaremongering, like the Australian case (yes I am that skeptical about the Australian claims since I thought extinct means extinct). This time the volcano is in Iceland, and there are signs of activity that indicate that it is close to blowing its top. You can read about it here. The last time that this particular volcano blew was in 2000 and the scientists who are tracking its activity have indicated that there is some movement that is cause for concern. However, they are not predicting when it will blow, they are simply observing that there is activity that is of concern.

By the way it is my understanding the volcanic activity and what is spewed into the atmosphere impacts upon our climate. If my memory serves me correctly, I had read that the volcanic ash etc. helps to cool down the atmosphere. If this is the case, then all of this volcanic activity is helping to create the cooling and cold winters that we are experiencing at the present time.

Yes, it is very cold over here, and for the past two days the region surrounding Canberra has had blizzard conditions. Canberra is close to the Snowy Mountains. We have had some snow that will hit the car windscreen like little spots of rain, but we have not had the bigger snowflakes just yet. The ground is quite wet and it is cold!!!!! This is another reason why we simply do not believe the crap that spews from the alarmists.

Please chime in with comments on this subject, especially if you have read or heard that volcanic activity actually causes an ice age rather than warming.



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