Election fundraising fraud

BigJournalism has an article that you might want to read. The corruption of Østupid continues to steam along without the LSM giving so much as a yawn. It would seem that when it comes to the illegal activities of Østupid, the LSM just yawns and looks the other way. This time, however, I doubt that they can keep a lid on the brewing scandal. The FEC will be asked to investigate the matter.

The issue is the video that was done in the room of the White House which is not in the private wing. It was done in a room that is used to greet and meet international guests. This was the video clip which offered a raffle prize involving the White House. The whole thing is illegal, and yes the FEC should be investigating. The Congress should be investigating this as well, because it is one more illegal activity that should lead to impeachment proceedings. When will Congress get up the balls to do the right thing and start the investigation proceedings? They cannot wait until after 2012. It needs to happen now, not later.

As you are no doubt aware, there was a fundraising scandal in 2008, involving the same candidate. The money raised came from the Gaza strip, but it was hidden with the bundling that was done by various “friends”, including that individual from Code Pink who is way too cozy with the fraud in the White House.

Keep an eye on this story, and please leave a comment if you actually see the LSM reporting on it.


2 responses to “Election fundraising fraud

  1. Aussie. The press doesn’t give a rat’s ass about any of it.


  2. Paxson that is why alternative media is required. We need to be the voice that gets the story out there!!